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engage in a conflict

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uk neonatal intensive care in North Wales P17,18,19,20 OUR MIRACLES INSIDE The families of these babies join battle to keep north Wales Health a fighting fund overturn the contribute to the Paypal on the or by emailing aim.
We expect stocks to normalise by the end of May and we would then be ready to join battle for a higher share from June.
The kids didn't read the Daily Worker, so each night they deserted the streets to join battle against evil, hooked by inevitable pay-off lines like "the fiends, they've got Snowey".
On April 15th the Marin Independent Journal covered the "we're not buying stuff from HarperCollins" decision at both our library and the local County library system with the story "Marin libraries join battle over e-books.
On Thursday, June 10, a group 10 farmers from across Wales will join battle to be crowned Fferm Ffactor champion 2010.
The situation took a turn for the worse when more Maoist cadres from Kalanki reached Satungal to join battle.
To join battle to save the nation and, saving it (we hope) enjoy the fruits of victory.
50 years ago 5 years ago 25years ago 10 years ago GERMAN giants Bayern Munich were ready to join battle with Boro for Leeds United striker Mark Viduka.
He would talk about getting the knuckle dusters sharpened up to join battle.
The tragedy is that Kerry apparently has decided to leave that wisdom on the cutting room floor, opting instead to join battle with the straight-line narrative that can only survive in a distorted reality.
Hamas called on Muslims the world over to join battle against Israel.
The 27-year-old Mancunian, signed from Preston North End for pounds 750,000 just over two years ago, has made three appearances for the reserves in recent weeks, and was hoping to join battle for the Baggies' run-in.
SIX days to go before we all join battle for the Premiership title.
DARREN CLARKE is backing his pal Lee Westwood to follow him back to form when the pair join battle for the pounds 108,330 first prize in the Compaq European Grand Prix at Slaley Hall today.
17) Indeed, although hearde is glossed as a feminine accusative singular adjective in Scragg's 1981 edition of the poem, he treats it as an adverb in the translation published ten years later in the millenial volume, where the line is rendered: 'than that we should join battle so grievously'.