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Synonyms for jocundity

Synonyms for jocundity

a feeling facetious merriment


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Although well shaped generally, and culminating in a cogently argued effulgent passacaglia, the first two movements lacked the composer's autumnal warmth, and the scherzo was marred by a jocundity of almost Falstaffian raucousness.
The three scenes are "charged with sexual tension" (160); on the other hand, the stories are entertaining and would have fostered "such ideal courtly qualities as jocundity" (123).
In 'I wandered lonely as a cloud', glee and jocundity are not ascribed to the daffodils out of nowhere: there is a lead up to it.
During the long stroll back to Katmai's only organized campground, Jeanne explains her unflinching jocundity.
"Joy," Ficino there defined, "is that jocundity that one derives from contemplation or from some other use of the virtues." He also discoursed on joy emphatically in his influential commentaries on Plato's myth of the charioteer.