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Synonyms for jocular

Synonyms for jocular

intended to excite laughter or amusement

Synonyms for jocular

characterized by jokes and good humor

with humor


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Afternoons in Florida while my favorite jocular jockish cousin suffered summer school, I climbed the tall hot fence of the elementary school behind his house to practice layups and dream of dunks.
Jocund Jacana, jocular Jay, jade Jacamar, jazzy Jabiru joss; jaybirds juxtaposed.
His arguments weave serious issues with a jocular, circumlocutionary style in which he uses invented words such as "biggeytitleism," "expibasketical," and "politickerizing," to make his points.
Chiles was sufficiently relaxed, off-beat, jocular and knowledgeable to clearly enjoy the gig.
HM doesn't dabble in the spirited, opinionated, even jocular manner of Elizabeth 1.
Under Gardner the CBSO gave us a thrilling highoctane performance, but one which also revelled in the work's perky and jocular dance elements.
However Chelsea sources have reportedly insisted that Mourinho's suggestions regarding Colombian striker Radamel Falcao to leave Monaco, were a 'light-hearted, jocular and off-the-record remark', the report added.
Mera mazakiya andz Twitter par bhi kayam rahega ( My jocular style will continue on Twitter as well)," he posted.
A jocular recording of a married couple delivering a health and safety message while engaged - curiously - in a domestic spat is played out as visitors are bussed to what is growing into one of the country's most popular tourist attractions.
Today any jocular reference to a cliched view of another ethnic group is immediately seized upon as proof positive that the person who uttered those words is a rampant racist full of bile and hatred.
Candid and jocular, Ask Avery Anything is an eyebrow-raising vicarious adventure, and a highly recommended whirlwind tour of the foibles of today's midlife dating scene.
Lollback said Australia was the only country in the world that referred to McDonald's as Macca's and the abbreviation "reflects our place in the Australian community", which has a penchant for jocular nicknames.
BEST LEGEND Van Morrison @ Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff (November 18) | SOMETIMES it's hard to reconcile the uber-grumpy Van Morrison of recent years - he makes rock curmudgeon Lou Reed look positively jocular by comparison - with the younger version of him we saw in Martin Scorsese's Last Waltz film.
And there's a section on jocular terms such as "hairy-eared engineer" which is applied to those who are advanced enough in age to have hirsute ears.
The jocular style should instruct and entertain readers from middle school students to highly educated adults who think they know more about their language than they do.