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Synonyms for jocular

Synonyms for jocular

intended to excite laughter or amusement

Synonyms for jocular

characterized by jokes and good humor

with humor


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revealed the exasperation, that well beach going the Spanish held in and it in most And when asked why was in jocular with a serious "That is the season, seaso"Always we had the feeling that we won two titles this season, and we have three to play Pep Guardiola
029 2030 4400 THEATRE Ladies and Gentlemen Lea Anderson's beguiling and jocular soiree of magic, music and dance returns.
YOU have recently published letters from two of your regular contributors to this column treating the Brexit debate in a rather banal and jocular way.
At nine, the mood was generally jocular but rapidly grew more truculent as the magistrates progressed down an hour later.
"In the course of a jocular conversation with three investment bankers in a pub on the evening of January 24, 2013, Mr Ashley said that he would pay Mr Blue PS15m if Mr Blue could get the price of Sports Direct shares (then trading at around PS4 per share) to PS8," said Mr Justice Leggatt in a ruling.
He defeated 20-1 chance Jocular by a length, in receipt of 8lb from his rival.
An attractive and appealing cast helps this formulaic pablum go down easy, but the genial tone buffs the edge out of every element: The bro-bonding is jocular but never raunchy, the sex scenes never outpace their slow-jam R&B accompaniment, and the hero is never so much of a cad that he can't win everyone back with an ingratiating smile.
Afternoons in Florida while my favorite jocular jockish cousin suffered summer school, I climbed the tall hot fence of the elementary school behind his house to practice layups and dream of dunks.
Jocund Jacana, jocular Jay, jade Jacamar, jazzy Jabiru joss; jaybirds juxtaposed.
His arguments weave serious issues with a jocular, circumlocutionary style in which he uses invented words such as "biggeytitleism," "expibasketical," and "politickerizing," to make his points.
Chiles was sufficiently relaxed, off-beat, jocular and knowledgeable to clearly enjoy the gig.
HM doesn't dabble in the spirited, opinionated, even jocular manner of Elizabeth 1.
Under Gardner the CBSO gave us a thrilling highoctane performance, but one which also revelled in the work's perky and jocular dance elements.
However Chelsea sources have reportedly insisted that Mourinho's suggestions regarding Colombian striker Radamel Falcao to leave Monaco, were a 'light-hearted, jocular and off-the-record remark', the report added.
" Mera mazakiya andz Twitter par bhi kayam rahega ( My jocular style will continue on Twitter as well)," he posted.