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Synonyms for jocosity

Synonyms for jocosity

fun characterized by humor


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the trait of merry joking

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There was always something in his profile that recalled Mr Punch, but while in context of the rambunctious anti-hero of the puppet world we expect belligerence and jocosity to go hand in hand, in reality it is a disappointment to discover the darker side obtruding into the make-up of the flesh and blood icon.
Peele's play, which probably preceded Marlowe's since the latter seems to have borrowed verbally from it, (2) is episodic, textually garbled as the result of imperfect revision, and inconsistent in its characterization of Queen Elinor: sometimes she appears as a comedic figure, speaking in a tone of unroyal jocosity as King Edward's "sweete Nell" (line 74) (3)--as his earthy, plain-spoken but adored companion in military campaigns (including a crusade) and even as a vulgar boxer of her husband's ear; at other points she emblematizes hateful Spanish pride, being portrayed as a witch-like foreign princess (Elinor of Castile) who would have the beards of all her male subjects shaved off and the breasts of all women mutilated, and who is given to haughty, egregiously inflated rhetoric.
It had, of course, no truth in it whatsoever, and I more than once confessed publicly that it was only a jocosity .
The jocosity of Giulio's architecture is a manifestation of urbanitas or urbanity, which is always the point of view from which the antithetical rustic world is approached, whether here, in the Medici grotto (another work for a sophisticated court) or in Titian's Pastorale, where a courtly musician enters the world of shepherds and nymphs.