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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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We don't have to worry too much about the rules, and we can make the contestants do weird, twisted things like wear jockstraps with hooks.
Quoting from one newspaper, the deadpan Mr Naughtie said: "If this is the new politics, then it stinks like a prop forward's jockstrap.
Hinda Miller, Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith sew two jockstraps together and call it the Jogbra.
But Chris is definitely straight, and now, because of me, he has to explain to his mother why his name is being plastered across ads in bar rags and surrounded by pictures of guys wearing nothing but jockstraps.
The 18-acre quilt is made from a melange of Afghans, Barbie dolls, bubble-wrap, burlap, buttons, car keys, carpet, champagne glasses, condoms, corduroy, corsets, cowboy boots, cremation ashes, credit cards, curtains, dresses, feather boas, first-place ribbons, fishnet hose, flags, fur, gloves, hats, human hair, jeans, jewelry, jockstraps, lace, leather, Legos, love letters, Mardi Gras masks, merit badges, mink, motorcycle jackets, needlepoint, paintings, pearls, photographs, pins, plastic, quartz crystals, racing silks, records, rhinestones, sequins, shirts, silk flowers, studs, stuffed animals, suede, taffeta, tennis shoes, vinyl and wedding rings.
These young lads were not so much Chippendales as Fish 'n' Chippendales, despite the big muscles and tiny jockstraps.
Gucci even objected to the sale of Duccio-branded jockstraps and flip-flops, saying they would "downgrade the cachet and aspirational" of the fashion house.
Is this so they can swap designer jockstraps for a humble packet of corn plasters?
This cheeky chappy has produced his own daring collection of specially-customised jockstraps.
The coroner said that most people had been wearing shorts or jockstraps during the par ty.
The midfielder belted out 'Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner' before a hail of dirty socks and jockstraps forced him to stop.
I wondered whether he was aware he had just visited the home of Barry Town, a team which, by taking the ground-breaking step of going full time, had tried to pull what was then the League of Wales up by its jockstraps.
You expect rugby blokes to wear jockstraps, but he must have thought that would be a little too uncomfortable," said onlooker at the game in Mumbai.
Three more players were sold yesterday, admin staff have been laid off and they're even having to cut down on jockstraps.
Adam (Alan Tudyk) and Steve (Juan Carlos Hernandez) are two hunky twinks apparently born wearing jockstraps, which they lose when they're bumped from the Garden of Eden.