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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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Among the more outre products that didn't were a taxidermy lamb and bejewelled jockstrap (which was definitely not helped by the fact it was modelled by a man of a certain age).
Other products, including a jockstrap adorned with dozens of evil eye trinkets, failed to win him over.
A mate may have been more supportive than a rugby player's jockstrap in the past but some may say you're a little nuts to stick by them now?
Quoting from one newspaper, the deadpan Mr Naughtie said: "If this is the new politics, then it stinks like a prop forward's jockstrap.
So, as skateboarders, we should all appreciate the fact that our male-dominated community hasn't degenerated into a locker-room jockstrap boys' club where women are only here for our viewing pleasure.
THE STORY: King Leonidas (Maguire) dons his leather jockstrap and leads his 13 soldiers to face the massed Persian army.
My favorite is Rick's #115 Jockstrap Border Tooled 1911 rig.
Hindle interprets Vivaldi's music as a jockstrap piece (tennis players, gymnasts, skaters, etc) but it was the swimming episode which succeeded and was beautiful.
This summer she is puzzling over the secret jockstrap collection her brother has stashed under the porch and the disappearance of her marker-sniffing former boyfriend.
Also, with current high-tech capability, they might turn him around 180 degrees to hide the frontal macho jockstrap view inflicted on us.
But everyone, especially male coaches, insists that women's increased participation in athletics is the greatest thing since the invention of the jockstrap.
Buffy's" two-hour net preem is sure to be a ratings winner, but then it's up to the Jockstrap net.
This Volpone's self-love rivals his other fetishes: He's more likely to be found exposing his body to guests (the innocent Celia, for example, who witnesses her suitor's golden jockstrap, and flees) than flaunting his hoard of golden coins.
The highlight of the video is when Holman shrink wraps Crash - clad only in Stockroom's Tightie-Whitie Jockstrap ($44.
The Watford star begged for the dressingroom snap to celebrate his 10th cap, then posted the pic – complete with goalkeeping coach Jim Stewart in his jockstrap – on social media in the wake of Scotland's 1–0 win.