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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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Yet again, one person said Bolivian unicyclist's jockstrap.
By the bushy beard of WG Grace and the sainted jockstrap of Jack Hobbs, we've never had it so good.
But when you learn that he has left 10 minutes early from a game to beat the traffic jams before Wayne Rooney has even adjusted his jockstrap, you must surely know his heart is not in his pounds 3 million-a-year job.
The men who control English rugby have egos ten times bigger than a player's jockstrap," blasted one angry Labour MP this week.
Stewards prevented fans from pulling down one of the goal-frames, but Millwall defender Kenny Brown was stripped down to a jockstrap.
Daft Nothing wrong with being a Celtic fan, and a happy one at that, especially right now, but if you happen to earn your wages playing for St Mirren then it might be best to throw a jockstrap over a Sky camera
THE England cricket team is on its own - because when it comes to giving useful support, the Barmy Army are about as much good as a jockstrap with no elastic.
Canaries fans won't care if the human beanpole wears a yellow and green jockstrap.
As well as England might have played against the All Blacks, the Wallabies and the Springboks, this was one Triple Crown that will be about as useful as a sweaty jockstrap in a convent when the real business gets under way Down Under next October.
I'VE often woken the morning after the Cheltenham Festival with my mouth like a Sumo wrestler's jockstrap and tongue so furred I'm surprised the Eglinton Hunt aren't chasing it.
I remember Auntie Mame as having the first jockstrap joke I ever encountered.
ELVIS'S jockstrap is up for sale for pounds 3,000 from Startifacts, a Minneapolis firm specialising in strange memorabilia.
Coronation Street stars have given clothes from the show to charity - including Sally Webster's maternity dress, Ken Barlow's cardigan and Hayley Cropper's jockstrap.
Colin, born in Hawick in the Borders, said: "What I find interesting about the jockstrap is the correlation between "macho" and "camp".
Personally, I use 6X fertiliser - but it does smell like a wrestler's jockstrap.