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When the sailors get a moment of reprieve--with the news, for example, that the nuclear reactor will not imminently explode--there are no jockish war whoops or high fives, no "Yeah!" These Russians celebrate their own survival most soberly, with a handshake or two, a few grimaces of relief.
"I always hated that joke," says Virgil Jockish, a North Carolina farmer and mule trainer.
He is young and energetic, with crew-cut hair and the jockish, upbeat attitude of a recent Dartmouth graduate.
And I think that, not in a jockish way, but it's more for a better lifestyle and to preserve being able to perform at your best on a board.
As the balance of power wavers between human and humanoid intelligence, a second dividing factor appears in this uneasy, quasi-incestuous love triangle, as Ava exhibits hints of a feminine intuition that the jockish Nathan seems unlikely to have formatted himself--even if, in a provocative detail that opens up further consideration of sexual hierarchy, he made sure to grant her functioning facsimiles of genitalia.
Embroiled in some pre-existing drama with fellow messenger and girlfriend Vanessa (Dania Ramirez), who herseff seems to be taking a fancy to another co-worker, the jockish Manny (Wole Parks), Wilee had taken on a mysterious delivery earlier in the day, agreeing to shepherd an envelope from Vanessa's roommate, Chinese exchange student Nima (Jamie Chung), across the borough to a Chinatown dive.