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Synonyms for jobholder

one who is employed by another

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an employee who holds a regular job

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Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey Total Single Multiple Percent employed jobholders jobholders with Multiple Jobholders multiple Both sexes Numbers jobs in thousands Nurse midwives and 128 113 16 12.
Automatic enrolment recognises that the solution lies in private provision and compels all employers to enrol eligible jobholders in a workplace pension scheme, unless they are already a member of a qualifying scheme.
Despite not finding any jobholder group with a particularly low perception level, significant differences exist between some groups' safety perception levels, with a gap of 36.
There are plenty of traps for the unwary employer, from identifying whether a worker is an eligible jobholder, a non-eligible jobholder or an entitled worker to assuming - understandably but mistakenly - that an employee who opts out before they are auto-enrolled does not need to be put into a scheme.
For example, jobholders cannot be asked to make choices about which fund they wish to invest in before joining.
It is not about the individual jobholder, their competence or their potential; nor is it primarily about pay rates, although it may influence pay structures.
And they did it with one wage earner, not two or three, working fewer hours than the average jobholder does today.
The metamorphosis of the corporate director's role from honoree to jobholder has taken place only in the last few years.
Yet Stein takes little notice of the weapons that give the federal bureaucracy ascendancy over the elected administration in making (or frustrating) policy: the virtually unlimited tenure of the jobholder versus the transitory life of any administration, and the powerful alliances bureaucracies form with their congressional oversight committees and special interest groups.
The model suggests that these variables impact on manager's jobs in two ways, that is, they lead to differences in (1) both the variety and level of difficulty of the key demands associated with a job and (2) in the number and degree of constraints faced by a jobholder.
Relying on the current jobholder to pick his or her replacement is another common mistake.
2018) for any employees who are already eligible jobholders when the new employer duties first take effect; or the date on which an employee first becomes an eligible jobholder if they attain that status after the employers staging date (for example, on someone with qualifying earnings reaching age 22); or at the end of a waiting period, which cannot be longer than three months.
alternative definitions of pay reference periods for both assessing jobholder status and determining whether a scheme is a qualifying scheme;
A multiple jobholder is defined as an individual who held more than one job during the reference week of the survey and who usually receives a wage or salary from his or her primary job (i.
Finally, if an eligible jobholder chooses to opt out, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the opt-out form has been validly completed and to notify the auto-enrolment scheme.