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corruptness among public officials

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Another news item observed, "dissension and back-biting, jobbery, and alleged stealing seem to have been the rule.
WORLD BANK JOBBERY (The Wall Street Journal, New York)
Just as soon as the computers can be made to work--in this regard incompetence and jobbery must be seen as freedom's allies--it will be possible for the authorities to examine the medical records of everyone in Britain.
Nepotism and jobbery were also severely criticised by the Quaid-i-Azam.
Independent directors famous for international diplomacy or senatorial jobbery may be far worse to have at the table than a chief financial officer with extensive industry and managerial experience.
He denounced the mismanagement of the relief funds following the 1883 flood and decried the $32,000 spent on erecting the breakwater, claiming that a greater part of the allotted money had been "wasted by jobbery, negligence and incompetent work.
Forty-five percent said tainted meat, 36 percent said armed jobbery and 19 percent said equal.
Tactics were various, but break down into the following: Denial of the existence of cholera and accusations of jobbery and conspiracy against the poor; redefinition of cholera as a political, rather than a medical problem; narratives of class genocide, based on Malthus and associated with the census; and body snatcher narratives, in which the cholera may or may not be real, but provides a pretext for the literal appropriation of the bodies of the poor, who may or may not be actually dead at the time of being "burked.
against corruption, bribery, black marketing, nepotism, jobbery, religious and ethnic discrimination, and he stressed the importance of support to the poor.
He said that in Punjab under the coercive Sharif regime citizens rights were being usurped, nepotism and jobbery were the order of the day and provincial resources were being squandered on poorly planned and counter-productive schemes.