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description of the responsibilities associated with a given job

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Since its release in 2010, JDXpert (formerly known as HRTMS Jobs) has been the most comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use job description management tool on the market.
An advisor once commented to me, "If my job description isn't changing every three to five years then I'm not growing fast enough.
Additionally, by providing the job description for applicants to review during the interview process, they will better understand all of the expectations that will be required.
The department manager may seek guidance and input from others but is the one who should initiate the job description.
Recent examples of changes to senior nurse positions through restructuring include the clinical nurse specialist role being changed to a specialist nurse role, which is an entirely different role, not merely a change in one or two job description requirements.
Jessen prefers to think about the job description as a "performance profile.
Same cover letters implies that you didn't take the time to read the job description & usually the client will not bother to read your cover letter.
He said: "By reading the job description, it is easy to see where Wayne Smith is coming from.
Analysis of the job description documents required data to be treated both quantitatively and qualitatively to provide a fuller understanding of the CNS role as defined by New Zealand DHBs.
Although Steele has been blamed for the confusion, the management board were also unsure over the performance director job description.
But the RFU board have now agreed to revise the job description, removing all direct influence over the senior England team.
As for the Jobs Classification and Arrangement System, one of its merits is that it will enable providing job description cards for all jobs at the civil service units.
GRAFTON - The job description for the town's first assistant town administrator has been approved by
The job description for a house cleaner has been transformed into "environment improvement technician" or, even more flattering, into "specialist for floor hygiene.
Our study also follows up these data with an online survey of private-sector hiring personnel with questions designed to match job description results.