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Synonyms for jive

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for jive

a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s

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GAVIN Henson is the second favourite to exit Strictly Come Dancing tonight after failing to impress the judges with last night's jiving. Welsh rugby star Henson admitted: "I hate the jive.
IN STEP: Coventry Morris Men (back, from left) Al Wright, Malcom Alter, Dave Marr, John Edwards, Claire Silvester, Martin Trewinnard, Mike Matthews and Pauline Leng-Ward, and (front) Neil Davis, Nick Wolff, Richard Gammage, Robin Trewinnard, Pete Grassby and William Pound JIVING: Loraine Mallon and Steve Halward from the Blitz group
Her reaction four years ago to a tape of England's Jiving Lindy Hoppers was electric: "I was so excited, I blurted out, `I've GOT to do that!'" Frank says.
One guy did the whole thing upside down, while a group of friends - and you'd have to be - even took the jiving dive in a rubber inflatable boat.
but it's a nice sort of jiving." The misuse of jive for gibe is "one of my pet peeves in the 'spell as you hear it' department," says Jenkins.