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a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan

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They will also compete in the Abu Dhabi World Pro next month, European Jiujitsu Championships in June and the Thailand Open on June 16.
Implicit Transfer of life skills through participation in Brazilian jiujitsu.
The human heart was--and remains--a mystery to me," he tells us, amid all the jiujitsu posturing and intentionally gruesome photos of animal parts.
9 FIGMMA--Grappling Jiujitsu Martial Arts FIGS--Squash 12.
He established a jiujitsu academy in Rio de Janeiro in 1925 (Walder, 2008).
The idents focus on seven sports -- namely football, tennis, jiujitsu, fencing, mix martial arts, sprinting, swimming and basketball.
The facility has been decked out all in white, giving it a fresh, clean feel and the large windows allow passers by to see right to the end of the wrestling and jiujitsu mats on the ground floor.
Not surprisingly, Perlstein is disturbed by that political jiujitsu.
HUDDERSFIELD'S Andy Williams has become a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt.
The UFC is the highest level of competition for professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, which brings together a mixture of jiujitsu, karate and judo.
There will be a Fight Night, Brazilian Jiujitsu Tournament, Muay Thai Championships, MMA Seminars and the fabulous Taiko Drummers.
where she trains under Jeff Mitchell, a first-generation black belt of Robson Moura, who Fiore said is considered one of the greatest Brazilian jiujitsu masters of all time.
Kickboxing was the first sport he took part in before he developed a love for wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu.