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a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan

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Brazilian Jiujitsu is a ground-based grappling sport utilising base, leverage and submission holds to render an opponent to give in via submission or tap-out.
Secretary FATA Jiu Jitsu Association Sultan Akbar, organizing secretary and international JiuJitsu player Allah Gul Afridi were also present.
The 46-year-old, who has been training for 16 years, is the only black belt in Huddersfield with the award coming from the club's affiliation with Fusion Jiujitsu Club Brazil.
I'm doing jiujitsu now and after six weeks the teacher said, 'I could enter you in the world championship now and you could win'.
where she trains under Jeff Mitchell, a first-generation black belt of Robson Moura, who Fiore said is considered one of the greatest Brazilian jiujitsu masters of all time.
Kickboxing was the first sport he took part in before he developed a love for wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu.
While some have argued that ACT and other mindfulness approaches are simply variations that fit well with the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) paradigm (Hofmann & Asmundson, 2008; Hofmann, Sawyer & Fang, 2010), there seems to be agreement that ACT and traditional CBT do differ; the distinction is like the comparison of the martial arts of tae kwon do (loosely: "to strike or break with foot or fist"); aikido ("the way of the harmonious spirit"); and jiujitsu ("a gentle or yielding art-form").
Instead, he needs to move from a strategy of overwhelming force (marshalling his congressional Democratic majority to pass health care legislation against united GOP opposition) to one of subtle jiujitsu (negotiating a tax deal with Republicans that manages to deliver a rabbit-out-of-his-hat stimulus package).
Picabia tackles his opponent again, turning fiercely from wrestling to jiujitsu.
It was the first UFC tournament that Brazilian fighter Royce Gracie won by employing his family's fighting style, a derivative of Brazilian jiujitsu, which focuses on grappling, but especially ground fighting.
Mixed Martial Arts is a fusion of fight styles that melds the strikes of boxing and muay thai, the submissions of Brazilian jiujitsu and the power of wrestling.
Tudor's jiujitsu cross training reportedly involved the prestigious island dojos of Relson Gracie, Kye Garcia, and JD Doner.
At the Satori Tora Jiujitsu Academy, children and adults from white belts to black belts, held a sponsored throw at Hope University for Comic Relief.
The first event featured eight fighters with different areas of expertise--a ldckboxer, a jiujitsu expert, a street brawler.