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Synonyms for jitter

a state of nervous restlessness or agitation

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small rapid variations in a waveform resulting from fluctuations in the voltage supply or mechanical vibrations or other sources

a small irregular movement

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sup][9] Due to progressive denervation and reinnervation, immature nerve terminals, and impaired transmission in the endplates, SFEMG in ALS patients showed increased jitter and fiber density (FD), which reflected the neuromuscular junction transmission failure and reinnervation condition due to the progression of ALS.
Normal jitter values for voluntary activated periocular muscles have been established in the literature for the SFEMG electrode (6).
While the PCIe specification specifies a 100 MHz reference clock with [+ or -]300 ppm frequency stability, some FPGA and SoC designs may operate internally up to 250 MHz, making clock jitter evaluation a critical design consideration.
Until now, Tektronix says, available bit error rate testers have been unable to generate the requisite degree of impairments with a low enough jitter noise floor to perform these tasks effectively.
In such cases, jitter measurement & pulse mask compliance is very useful in diagnosing problems.
Equivalent-time-sampling instruments have yet different qualifications on their jitter measurement capabilities.
He added, "Now, the Jitter measurement can be performed through commands with the Windows Client-Server application as well.
jit] is the transition duration of the cumulative jitter distribution.
Jitter is often measured in picoseconds (ps), or as a percentage of a Unit Interval (UI).
Jitter corrupts the signal integrity and adversely affects the bit error rate (BER).
The S/UNI-1x155 jitter performance meets all Bellcore GR-253 intrinsic jitter, jitter tolerance, and jitter transfer specifications.
VS-709 Reduces Need for Jitter Attenuating Clock Cleaners, Offers 200 fsec Performance Improvement over Silicon-based Solutions
The J-BERT N4903B Serial BERT offers jitter tolerance testing for high-speed digital interfaces operating up to 7 and 12.
Capturing the data stream in real time with multiple points per transition edge allows the SDA 18000 to recover the embedded clock and phase lock to it for precise jitter measurements.