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Synonyms for jitter

a state of nervous restlessness or agitation

Words related to jitter

small rapid variations in a waveform resulting from fluctuations in the voltage supply or mechanical vibrations or other sources

a small irregular movement

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The VersaClock 6 devices enable customers to meet their systems stringent jitter and low power requirements while at the same time reducing board space and bill of materials costs.
The new PAM4 Signal Analysis software is specifically designed for 4-level signaling and makes eye, jitter and noise measurements on all three eye openings of the PAM4 signal.
In such cases, jitter measurement & pulse mask compliance is very useful in diagnosing problems.
It is important for a design engineer to understand the level of jitter tolerance a SerDes has and how appropriate it is to a given application.
jit] is the transition duration of the cumulative jitter distribution.
Jitter is often measured in picoseconds (ps), or as a percentage of a Unit Interval (UI).
Quartz-based products continue to offer significantly better jitter performance over silicon-based solutions in many essential applications," said Alan Mond, vice president and general manager, communications business unit, Vectron.
The jitter modulation source generates wide-amplitude SJ up to 2000UI and 1UI at high jitter modulation frequencies of 250 MHz, along with the simultaneous generation of RJ, BUJ, SSC, and 2[sup.
Move the traces farther apart and the field lines of the victim line are more independent of the signal of the aggressor lines and deterministic jitter is reduced.
Although jitter is a very complicated issue, it should be proven that Serializers meet the Random, Deterministic, and Total jitter specifications at the output.
At times, the guide-star images jitter about so rapidly that the telescope loses sight of them.
Highly Integrated Si5317 Jitter Attenuating Clock Filters Unwanted Noise from High-Speed Networking and Telecommunications Systems
July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- TechWeb's No Jitter, the leading news, analysis and blogging website for the enterprise communications industry, saw record traffic last week in the wake of Avaya's announcement that it had reached an agreement to acquire Nortel Enterprise Solutions for $475 million, with the potential to dramatically alter the landscape for enterprise IP-telephony and Unified Communications.
Jitter on a reference clock degrades conversion of radio signals to the digital-code domain.