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gerbil of northern Africa

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Male jirds of 8-10 weeks old were transplanted intraperitoneally with freshly isolated adult worms from peritoneal cavity of the jirds harboring 5-6 months old B.
shawii jirds, a native rodent species living in close contact with human populations.
henleyi (pygmy gerbil, 11 g), Buxton's jird (Meriones sacramenti, 120 g), and common jerboa (Jaculus jaculus, 50-70 g).
Based on the frequency of their occurrence in large numbers in various habitats of Rajashtan Desert, 60% Indian desert jird Meriones hurrianae have been collected from the sandy habitat, 17% from stony plains and the rest from ruderal habitat (Prakash and Ghosh, 1975; Prakash, 1962, 1981).
The prevalence by animal species varied from 9.7% (3/31) in the Cairo spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus) to 100% (10/10) in the bushy-tailed jird (Sekeetamys calurus).
(1998) found that rodents and notably Tristram's jird Meriones tristrami were the preferred diet of barn owl in Jordan.
Jirds (Meriones libycus), jird carcasses, rodent burrows, and rodent excreta were found at the camel corral.
Although spirochetes readily pass between ticks confined in the same feeding chamber, none do so when the infected ticks feed on the back of a mouse while noninfected ticks are feeding on the mouse's head (3), when attached to different ears of a jird (5), or when the distance separating the infected from the noninfected ticks is 3 cm (4).