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Synonyms for jinx

Synonyms for jinx

something or someone believed to bring bad luck

to bring bad luck or evil to

Synonyms for jinx

a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him

an evil spell

cast a spell over someone or something

foredoom to failure

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The Existing FL Shareholders and Beijing Jinxing agreed to an exclusivity period of 180 days and the Existing FL Shareholders agreed to terminate any ongoing discussions regarding any other contemplated transactions involving FL Mobile Inc., including those between NQ Mobile and Tack Fiori International Group Limited, within 10 days of entering the FL Framework Agreement.
Agence France Press and numerous Chinese press outlets have reported that Anheuser-Busch is in negotiation to buy a substantial stake in China's Henan Jinxing Beer Group.
The reports, which quote a Henan Jinxing executive, say that Anheuser-Busch might pay up to US$1 billion for a stake in the company.
For its part, Anheuser-Busch denies that any discussions with Henan Jinxing are taking place.
He said: "Touch wood I haven't started kicking my shots below the bar since making the advert but don't go jinxing me."