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noisy and mischievous merrymaking

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Names like Tompkins and Jenkins and Jinks are funny without being vulgar; I mean they are vulgar without being common.
Jinks, that you have very little to laugh at,' said the magistrate.
The hungry-looking Jinks sighed, as if he were quite aware of the fact of his having very little indeed to be merry about; and, being ordered to take the lady's information, shambled to a seat, and proceeded to write it down.
Jinks retired within himself--that being the only retirement he had, except the sofa-bedstead in the small parlour which was occupied by his landlady's family in the daytime--and Mr.
"He did jink at something but take nothing away from his performance.
"His opponents knew the jink was coming but when it did come they were helpless to do anything about it.
The jink caused jockey Philip Robinson to become unbalanced, momentarily drop his reins and get in a tangle.
As Dance A Daydream had had only a handful of runs, I understand why the stewards would have had sympathy for him, as it was obviously greenneess that caused him to jink, and there was nothing Spencer could do about it, as he did have the whip in the correct hand.
Mark Anthony Jinks was found in possession of such a knife on February 13 and brought before the courts.
WHILE the multi-national Company Jinks perform as one on The Greatest Dancer, the group's only Scot says her mates can't understand a word she says.
A contemporary realist art exhibition featuring hyperrealistic sculptures by Australian artist Sam Jinks kicked off on Saturday, May 5 and will be exhibited until August 26 at the Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art in Nantou County.
Enter Jinks and O'Hare, whose job it is to keep everything in working order.
Jinks, who can provide a factory historical letter for the gun in question, which could well document a presentation of the gun by the factory, as the factory was well-noted for being loyal to its distributors and dealers.
Let's hope Yogi Bear and his mate Boo-Boo, those pesky mice, Pixie and Dixie, and their tormented feline adversary, Mr Jinks, and fellow cartoon 'royalty', The Flintstones and The Jetsons, are on some advertising guru's radar as well.
Jinks McGrath, a designer and jeweler, begins with an introduction to the tools, including cutting tools, soldering tools, chemicals, and metals, including silver, bronze, rhodium and zinc, used in jewelry creation.