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Synonyms for jingly

having a series of high-pitched ringing sounds like many small bells


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This year, her first year of employment, she will buy her family presents, wrap them in glimmer and shimmer, with jingly bows and put them under the tree.
The first one who cracks has to wear a jingly elf hat to dinner.
They are powered by tea (provided by local traders) and have been thoroughly checked for rosy cheeks, a cheery nature and a love of all thing jingly, joked a council spokeswoman.
Despite having created 'a jingly jangly mass of indie pop contradictions' The Artisans never set out to create a particular sound, but their individual music tastes have influenced their songwriting.
Nor did jingly instead of silenced, or bells versus wads of paper and toothpicks.
The jingly jangly arpeggios of Gerry Leonard's guitar complement Vega's pitch-perfect voice in the brilliant Jacob and the Angel (the words to which she hasn't yet mastered, hence the crib sheet) and Small Blue Thing.
It''s a pretty decent, colourful and jingly platformer that''s going to delight the hordes of card and sticker collectors out there.
FANS of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion can recreate the amazing Jingly Jangly Jungle at home, with TOMY's incredible interactive toys.
Sixteen years later, its follow-up, Merry Christmas II You, features the diva hitting the high notes on holiday favourites O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Little Drummer Boy, The First Noel, Here Comes Santa Claus and an "extra festive" re-recording of All I Want For Christmas Is You, with basically more jingly bells.
A dicey trip down the throat is described as "jingly jangly" and a "gurgling drama." The sound of grief, "one long lowing moan," drags readers down with it.
I actually like hearing it this way because the tension between rhythm and meter that's activated really distinguishes the line, giving it great rhythmic power, while also avoiding the generally weaker, jingly anapestic-sounding "by a breath" The first two italicized lines also contribute a little bit to the sense of a heavily stressed yet clearly iambic pattern as they emerge out of the rhythmic jumble of the lines that immediately precede them.
It's legal and they're enjoying themselves, so more power to their jingly elbows.
For this reason, we tried to maintain a low profile as we joined the dusty line of brightly decorated 'jingly' cargo trucks, packed buses, beat-up Toyota Corollas and Afghan Army vehicles disgorging from the capital.
Blonde in Bodies of Society, 2006, a video in her exhibition "Unheimlich Manover." To an original score Liden commissioned from the Swedish band Tvillingarna, jingly like carny music, she prances her own ame damnee dance and then, taking a steel pipe in both hands, taunts the object of her ire--a bicycle!--with menacing swipes, followed by a ferocious clobbering of the two-wheeler.
Jingly jangly guitars, crisp punchy drumming and an array of interesting instruments, ranging from banjo and fiddle to that great favourite, the washboard, give this band a rich full sound.