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Synonyms for jingle-jangle

make a sound typical of metallic objects

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They were recently proclaimed to be "officially the most exciting band in Scotland" by those trendsetters at the NME who also said of their single K OK "like summer bursting out of a fruit and barley bottle, 'K OK' is the most perfect jingle-jangle pop anthem we can imagine being penned".
Progressive liturgies are fading away as the jingle-jangle of our tambourines increasingly exits stage left.
He's clearly a brilliant journalist with his Northern Rock and HBOS scoops, so why the need for peculiar up and down jingle-jangle delivery?)
In a jingle-jangle world of cell phones, Internet spam and too many television channels, step back in time to the simple pleasure of a creamy root beer float.
He rattles off a series of optimistic but very unlikely "What if's," with a warm, friendly voice and inviting, electric guitar jingle-jangle. The listener can't help but be swept away by this infectious, toe-tapping, knee-slapping opus.
This lovely retro-pop agglomeration has continually expanded its sonic repertoire, embracing big, horn-laden, Fabulon tinged rave-ups as ably as assimilating Merseyside jingle-jangle, prime evidence their remarkable 2000 release The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.
It has bells and mirrors and he just loves to jingle-jangle it.
After last week's promising opener from jingle-jangle Jimmy Savile this show hit rock (bell) bottom last night.
Then they move slowly through the ring, the jingle-jangle, the pull
By then their jingle-jangle chorus is so loud, there's no way you can miss hearing it--even from as far as a mile away on a still night!
Matt Damon also has fun as LaBoeuf, portraying the Texas Ranger as a pompous oaf, complete with fancy buckskins and spurs that jingle-jangle and described by Mattie as "a rodeo clown".
The jury's still out on Guy Garvey's lot round mine, principally because I can never tell them apart from their identikit cousins of moody jingle-jangle, Doves.
The song settles into a Libs-style jingle-jangle sound with singer Jon Seller doing his best Carl Barat impression.