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make a sound typical of metallic objects

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Tired of the jingle-jangle of the current music scene?
After last week's promising opener from jingle-jangle Jimmy Savile this show hit rock (bell) bottom last night.
Then they move slowly through the ring, the jingle-jangle, the pull
The jury's still out on Guy Garvey's lot round mine, principally because I can never tell them apart from their identikit cousins of moody jingle-jangle, Doves.
The song settles into a Libs-style jingle-jangle sound with singer Jon Seller doing his best Carl Barat impression.
HAILING from Glenrothes in Scotland, the sound of SERGEANT is very much immersed in the jingle-jangle guitar licks which made Liverpool legends the La's rise to prominence in the late '80s.
Single Glorious is summery, full of jingle-jangle jauntiness, while East West North South is sweeping and Build A Life soars with philosophical lyrics.
McGuinn, whose latest British tour takes in Warwick Arts Centre on Tuesday, explains: "I was getting a lot of e-mails from fans saying that they liked my acoustic albums but they missed the rock sound, the jingle-jangle, if you will.
It's why we never hear any more of one-armed bandits, the perfect name for those jingle-jangle money-pits found in pubs and betting shops.
Donning imaginary chaps and jingle-jangle spurs, the Hollywood cowboy slumped dreamily back in his saddle: "I'm just a shadow of the West.
From their dreamy rendition of Spanish band Mercromina's Evolucion to an inspired rethinking of Kate Bush's Love And Anger, the indie alt-rockers drape every choice with jingle-jangle guitars and shiny Teenage Fanclub-style vocal harmonies.
Sometimes it goes through these proggy, difficult passages, and then ultimately it's going to reach a point where it's hopefully just a jingle-jangle sing-along by the end of it.
And many of them, confronted with the jingle-jangle of shiny cash, quickly exposed themselves as not just greedy and self-serving, but downright thick, having failed to do so much as Google the firm's credentials before the meeting.