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Synonyms for jilt

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a woman who jilts a lover

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cast aside capriciously or unfeelingly

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Within the regimented structure of Victorian courtship and marriage, he singles out pejorative social labels, such as "jilt" or "flirt," in order to suggest that such appellations may accomplish more than merely identifying criminal conversationalists.
Total quantity or scope: lot 1 - Transport employees Jilt UMC North.
Transport employees to return to work and career Rovinari mining operation, mining and mining Jilt Career Career Career Berbesti-Seciuri.
029 2087 8444 MUSIC Jilted Generation - Prodigy tribute Jilted Generation is the full on energetic Prodigy experience.
YOU'D think otherwise, but people called Gordon have been known to shake Jilted John by the hand over the past 40 years.
Graham Fellows may not be a name on everyone's lips, but mention Jilted John and John Shuttleworth and everyone knows who you are talking about - all three are one and the same.
FOR nearly 40 years, Graham Fellows has beguiled us with characters like John Shuttleworth and one-hit wonder Jilted John.
Summary: I find myself sympathising with the poor and the jilted -- never mind that their misfortune lasts only the length of the film
IN A shocking incident, a jilted lover in Villupuram district tried to set a teenage girl on fire after she rejected his love.
In this one-off documentary, viewers meet some of the UK's most infuriated jilted lovers.
Volunteer officer Ken Beattie tries to fine a jilted bride for littering, with hilarious consequences.
Aaron and Robert end up fighting in the road and Bob loses his cool with jilted Sunil Aaron and Robert end up fighting in the road and Bob loses his cool with jilted Sunil EMMERDALE Mon-Fri ITV Following Katie's fatal plunge, Robert has hardly given the incident a backwards glance.
TENNIS star Caroline Wozniacki has said she could never hate golfer Rory McIlroy even though he jilted her after their wedding invitations had gone out.
Has she been royally jilted? Brace yourselves for high drama as it all kicks off, with even the police turning up.