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Synonyms for jilt

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a woman who jilts a lover

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cast aside capriciously or unfeelingly

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20) Yet the narrator's compulsive return to the issue of forgiving the jilt signals an interest in this question and in rhetorical questions generally that the formally minded James may have overlooked.
A jilt may be either deceitful or merely fickle, but the person naming her recalls to all the troubled relation between language, desire, and social practice.
Tenders are invited for Transport Employees at Home at Work and Return to North Jilt Umc, Umc Jilt South Elcfu Motru Section Cfu Jilt
Procurement Rental Cars, Buses for Transport Employees From Home to Work and Back (Lot 1 = 28 Trails Jilt Umc North, Lot 2 = 21 Trails Umc Jilt Sud and Lot3 = 7 Trails Elcfu Motru Department Cfu Jilt).
Contract award: Transport employees from home to work and back for Rovinari EMC, EMC Jilt, EMC Berbesti (Seciuri career).
Simon also admits that the premise of the film - that he jilts gorgeous actress Thandie Newton at the altar - is hard to accept.
Bickleigh is pleased when his murder succeeds, less so when the town gossips speculate on the more dubious particulars of her death and even less so when Madeleine jilts him for another suitor.
The main narrative involves a guilt-ridden young man, Matsumoto (Hidetoshi Nishijima), who jilts his sweetheart Sawako (Miho Kanno) to marry the boss' daughter.