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a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels

a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal


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However, it's the other jihad, the Greater Jihad, that we can think about for a moment now.
Jihad revealed that the significance of this step comes as it would increase 900,000 barrels to the state's per day production capacity.
A statement of Jihad Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad and construction, cited today that: "its troops, backed by the security forces, launched a massive attack to cut off the last supply bridge of Daash that links between Qarma and Fallujah.
The commandant asked religious scholars to aware the people about the difference of jihad and terrorism adding terrorists had been exploiting young blood in the garb of jihad for their own designs.
Jihad in essence is the human endeavour of striving to improve the individual and the society and to bring life closer to the divine model.
Ramadan added that jihad is not limited to the struggle of Muslims against the other, but it includes the struggle of all human beings, but Muslims have to pay attention to the situation of oppressed Africans or Rohingyas in Burma or the struggle of Latin Americans and all the people struggling against oppression and exploitation.
In 1998, Bin Laden incited Muslims to a military Jihad against Western secularism and 'blasphemous' democracy.
Speaking on ' Love Jihad' the Gorakhpur MP said that it started in 2003 in Uttar Pradesh and the alleged gang- rape in Meerut was a result of Love Jihad.
Spokesman Asim Jihad stated that preliminary oil exports for April last reached ton 75.
Cairo: Gaza's Islamic Jihad announced Thursday that an Egyptian-brokered truce had been restored following a brief but intense confrontation a day earlier when Israeli warplanes pounded the Strip after heavy cross-border rocket fire.
The nonsense about Muslims killing each other in the name of Jihad is something our religious culture doesn't accept and unfortunately that false label is being spread as idiots go to death in Syria or other countries under duress," said the UAE MP.
Ramallah: Jihad Abdul Rahman Al Taweel from Ras Al Amod of the occupied East Jerusalem has been tortured to death by the Israeli Prison Service.
The matter ended up in court after Jihad went to his nursery school in September 2012 wearing the T-shirt, upsetting staff and prompting a local official to take legal action.
In this practice, females from the age of 14 up have extra-marital sex with multiple male partners to advance their goals of jihad (holy war).