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a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade

fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade

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Up to 100 jigsaws still in their boxes were also on sale, including children's puzzles, traditional country scenes, 3D, double-sided, murder mystery, crossword, impossipuzzles, wasgij and mirror image.
The jigsaw enthusiast is celebrating completing her biggest puzzle yet.
For holiday cottage jigsaws that multiplies by a factor of three.
Conventional jigsaw blades are simply too wide to make tight curves.
These early jigsaws were important and tell the social history of the times -some were risqu, others followed the royal family, maps of the British Empire, the development of steam trains, sporting puzzles and the history of cars and boats.
IAN Browncey yesterday became the first person in Britain to complete the world's hardest jigsaw puzzle - with 18,200 pieces.
Chad Valley expert Phil Stokes, who is secretary of the Harborne Society, was on hand to explain how the toy company used jigsaws and other novelties to help Birmingham companies advertise their wares, from HP Sauce to Bird's Custard, Foster Brothers and vehicle firm Rootes.
Jigsaws are subject to availability and will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis.
I'm like everybody else with jigsaws,' said Mr Rowley.
The 12 jigsaws which make up his current exhibition at MAC contain around 50,000 pieces and the largest of them, a panoramic view of a composite European city drawing on five different jigsaws, shows that with this technique you don't need to be limited to the manufacturer's original dimensions.
Gone are the days when jigsaws were just scenic pictures of the countryside or images of fluffy pussycats.
While most other CD-ROM jigsaws only allow players to solve one-sided puzzles, Virtual Jigsaw gives them the added option of attempting two-sided puzzles.
It showcases over 1,000 jigsaws, making the Brighouse Charity Jigsaw Festival the place for serious puzzlers and jigsaw newbies alike.
SAID to be the world's largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle, set yourself a mega challenge with the Ravensburger Jigsaws' Double Retrospect, above, 32,000 pieces, PS149.