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Synonyms for jiggery-pokery

verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

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I still reel at the hypocrisy of a lifelong socialist who cheerily described over lunch how he had saved himself a million pounds in tax through some jiggery-pokery involving transfers between jurisdictions with different year-ends.
The Arabian oryx was blissfully unaware of this taxonomic jiggery-pokery and occupied its time perhaps standing about in any available shade with companion nameless oryx friends until the first living specimens reached London in 1857 and the attention of the Royal Zoological Society in London.
He really is terrific at what he does - he doesn't go past people or scores goals, but it strikes me that if you go through all the top teams there's someone who's a solid, consistent, seven-outof-10 performer that lets everyone else do their little bit of jiggery-pokery on the ball.
One of the British titles, plus the foreign ones, would pass by some legal jiggery-pokery known as a special remainder to his older brother William, a Norfolk clergyman.
Your readers may be forgiven for thinking that this is statistical jiggery-pokery.
YOU expect to see a bit of jiggery-pokery in a police series but it's usually the villains who punch the cops or the cops who punch the robbers.
double dactylsalso called higgledy-piggledy or jiggery-pokery A light-verse form consisting of eight lines of two dactyls each, arranged in two stanzas.
You have to wait until January 15, because Congress has an awful habit of last-minute jiggery-pokery with the tax laws.
He stressed that the Senate is 'not a forum for chaos and jiggery-pokery.
e main disa$ection lies with a union that should never have occurred and political jiggery-pokery that allows designer consultation to return preferred results.
And, to be fair, there was a lot of political jiggery-pokery doing the rounds this week.
It is remarkable how many different ways are being found to milk the taxpayers through this financial farrago of jiggery-pokery.
NEWS that there's been a bit of jiggery-pokery in the football betting world should not surprise any battle-weary punter who's been in the business for more than 15 minutes.
And then, on top of that deflating defeat, came more revelations about Sisu's financial jiggery-pokery.
Those governments like Germany's that pursued relatively restrained policies and supported industrial growth rather than property bubbles and financial jiggery-pokery like the Labour party in the UK, are most likely to weather the latest storm.