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Synonyms for chigger

small tropical flea

larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation

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The Melbourne Cup-winning trainer, 48, appeared in front of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary board yesterday, when the three-person panel was told the jiggers were found in the master bedroom of Weir's home.
INVESTMENTDr Kamau, popularly known as "doctor jiggers" for his fight against the parasitic insect, termed the acknowledgment as a motivation and a reminder of how much work there still remains to be done."Although we don't work to get recognised, it is always humbling when someone out there appreciates what we do and is willing to partner with us or serve as a volunteer," he said, emphasising on the importance of social investments.
He added he also led the distribution of some P9 million worth of seaweeds and fish processing materials for 903 fishermen and 21 peoples' organization in Zamboanga del Norte, while fishermen in Zamboanga del Sur received P3.66 million worth of gill nets, hooks and lines, and squid jiggers.
Jiggers, tiny 1mm fleas, burrow into exposed foot skin and stay for two weeks laying eggs, causing feet to swell.
They were participating in a shoe-cutting party to benefit African children through the Sole Hope project, whose main goal is to provide closed-toe shoes so jiggers do not cause foot-related diseases.
Textile Dyeing and Finishing Section Close/Open Jiggers, JT-10 and Jumbo Jiggers, High Pressure Jiggers, Jet Dyeing (Single and Double Tube) and Dyeing Padders.
The bag draws upon the essential elements of the trunk--including jiggers, a shaker, and a spoon--and adapts them to fit within more limiting confines.
No-one used shads and the fish were all taken on jiggers or pink plastic shrimps.
Most fish had fallen mainly to jiggers in the clear water.
A special one-off performance from a duo of US artists JIGGERS will be taking place at mima and a comedy club will be providing laughs at Teesside University's Students Union.
In other circumstances, such as at Old Time dances, the fiddlers may repeat the Red River Jig enough times to allow jiggers to perform numerous changes, anywhere from rive to fifteen renditions.
Edmonton's Metis Child Little Jiggers performed at The Gathering: A cultural expression of Indigenous arts on Nov.
Division Two leaders Jiggers edged out the ever-improving Bob Colenuts, while second-placed Onetouchables beat third-placed Dinas Powys Dream Team 6-4.
Clubs were named rather than numbered so I have jiggers, cleeks, mashies, spoons [and] mussel-backs all represented in the sculpture."