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Murphy is also in top form whether as the accommodating Jiff who accepts Bowfinger's crazy assignments, or as the terrified super-celebrity who has to repeat Renfro's mantra: "I feel like I might ignite, but probably I won't.
Jiff Lemon's owner Claire Atkin from Harlech admitted the idea was unusual.
Other investors include GE Ventures, marking its first Jiff investment; Venrock Associates, Aberdare Partners and Aeris Capital.
47) IOC member Jiff Guth, for instance, was in favor of a pentathlon at the session of Paris 1901; see Commission des Jeux Olympiques, "Proces-verbal 4e Session Paris 1901," 20.
Sweet but single-minded Daisy (Heather Graham) is sleeping her way to the top, and completing the con squad is Kit-lookalike Jiff (Murphy too) - but to reveal more about this toothy simpleton would spoil things.
Thuri was fabulous, and Jiff Mihu-le simply served as a role model for all oboists.
Journal Jiff the Scientific Study of Religion, 37, 161-180.
The FAI will come over here and clean this up with jiff.
This is the highest loss in the country," said Jiff Martin of the New England Field Representative of American Farmland Trust and project director of WLA at a recent regional workshop at the Thompson library on conservation options for Connecticut farmers.
Equal credit for the well-balanced, precisely nuanced sound, rhythmic accuracy and transparent colours of the instrument sections of Janacek 's scores goes to the conductor Tomas Netopil, the orchestra's members (Petr Zdvihal's luminous violin solo in The Fiddler's Child, the faultless brass section - brazen or soft, depending on that which is required), the recording director Jiff Gemrot and the sound engineer Jan Lzicar.
In the longitudinal study 'person-centeredness', 'non-directiveness', 'assuming responsibility jiff the process', 'ability to handle spiritual issues', 'recognition of competence boundaries' showed significant increase.
Enter our designer Derek Collins, clutching a new wallpaper stripper called DIF, which he assured us would have the woodchip off in a jiff.
The disc is the very first recorded by the ensemble in the new line-up (the year before last, the violinist Jana Vona'Skova-Novakova was replaced by Jiff Vodidka).