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Achour's "Burning Hope" will have its Lebanese premiere on JIFF's opening night.
Other investors include GE Ventures, marking its first Jiff investment; Venrock Associates, Aberdare Partners and Aeris Capital.
The business "was conceptualized before the Affordable Care Act and wasn't completely dependent on it," Jiff's CEO, Derek Newell, said in a phone interview.
JIFF by name, jiffy by nature - this talented little Pomeranian cutie is officially the fastest dog on TWO legs.
The exhibition of two Czech artists, Jiff Kovanda and Petra Jovanovska, opened as part of the reception.
Philosophie der Demokratie, Frankfurt am Main/: Lang, 1994; Jiff Grusa, Benes als Osterreicher, Klagenfurt: Wieser-Verlag, 2012; Zbynek Zeman, The Life of Edvard Benes, 1884-1948: Czechoslovakia in Peace and War, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997; Ferdinand Pisecky, General M(ilan) R(atislav) Stefanik, Praha: Pokrok, 1929; Milan S.
POMERANIAN pup Jiff was jumping for joy yesterday after making it into the Guinness World Records - twice.
Geologist Jiff Bruthans of Charles University in Prague was touring a sandstone quarry when he noticed something odd: The workers had to use explosives to break apart the solid sandstone walls, but any rocks that had broken free would quickly crumble.
On 21 and 22 May 2012, music librarians had a meeting in Brno, where the Jiff Mahen Library held a seminar on the theme Zeny v hudbec (Women in Music).
In this follow up to the May 2011 California CPA article Ready jiff 150?, we discuss with Dana Jarvis the countdown to the new educational rules and how you can prepare as a CPA Exam candidate.
Table 1 Calibration targets for employment Variable BLS data Target Employment Type 1 worker 0.5456 0.5456 Type 2 worker 0.6860 0.6860 Type 3 worker 0.7597 0.7597 Hours worked Type 1 worker 37.34 h/week 0.2220 Type 2 worker 39.17 h/week 0.2330 Type 3 worker 42.45 h/week 0.2530 Relative wages Type 1 worker $543 week 1.0000 Type 2 worker $674 week 1.2420 Type 3 worker $817 week 1.8960 Targets for production costs come from a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (2005) report called Employer costs jiff employee compensation.
The Origins of Yiddish Scholarship and the YIVO Institute Jiff Jewish Research.
Chamber of Commerce argued that the Tax Court's interpretation of the process research supply issue would stifle process research and that "Congress has not created distinctions between product and process research for purposes of which costs constitute QREs, and the courts should not insert them." Further, the brief argued that "jiff no credit is available for one of the most important cost components of process research, logic dictates that less process research will occur," and U.S.