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an adornment (as a bracelet or ring or necklace) made of precious metals and set with gems (or imitation gems)

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Jewelry Buyers Club sells 14k gold, sterling silver and fashion jewelry.
Egyptian Revival Jewelry & Design" is the collaborative work of antique jewelry expert Dale Reeves Nicholls, costume jewelry expert Shelly Foote, and Robin Allison.
Street-level illegal activity in diamonds and jewelry has increased, and the criminal and terrorist use of diamonds and gemstones has become the subject of many books and intelligence reports.
Archeologists say that jewelry was one of the first forms of human art.
Racking his brain for new ways to raise money for a local hospital charity event, Steven Duncan devised a plan: Get people to donate unwearable jewelry languishing in a jewelry box, convert it into cash, buy one exquisite item and auction it off.
Because most jewelry appraisals supply inadequate information, JCRS Inland Marine Solutions Inc.
Paola Venturelli's two publications on Milanese jewelry of the Renaissance are complimentary.
But after years of accumulating appliances, stereos, televisions and even a few luxury items like jewelry, furs, collectibles or objects d'art, you'll find that whatever coverage you have quickly falls short of the replacement value of your prized possessions.
This report also covers future projections to provide an insight on the prospects in the gems and jewelry industry.
We get a lot of men who come in and ask whether they could give it as a diamond, but I tell them not to,'' said Jeff McCloskey, president and chief executive of Fort Knoxx Designer Copy Jewelry.
com/research/4efaf1/the_jewelry_report) has announced the addition of the "The Jewelry Report 2011: The Ultimate Guide to the Consumer Market for Fine and Costume Jewelry" report to their offering.
NORTHRIDGE - Just three weeks away from closing his jewelry store for lack of business, Karo Zeytounya was fatally shot Thursday during a robbery gone awry, police said.
Detectives searched Tuesday for five armed men tied to an international ring of Colombian thieves who followed an Encino jewelry manufacturer to his home and robbed him of about $350,000 in jewelry, police said.
Leading e-tailers of high quality jewelry promote their products off the web in interesting, unusual ways