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Synonyms for jewelled

covered with beads or jewels or sequins

References in classic literature ?
Its supports were of silver gilt, beautifully chased, and profusely set with enamelled and jewelled medallions.
Here, in gold-embroidered red doublet, jewelled surcoat, and gilt-edged ruff and wristbands, stood Sir Anthony Sherard, with his silver-and-black armour piled at his feet.
The Renaissance knew of strange manners of poisoning-- poisoning by a helmet and a lighted torch, by an embroidered glove and a jewelled fan, by a gilded pomander and by an amber chain.
Give your trusty evening wear a splash of glam by using an old necklace to create a gorgeous jewelled collar effect YOU WILL NEED: | Black dress (or any plain coloured dress) | Pliers | Bejewelled necklace | Glue gun 1 Lay out the dress, then use pliers to pull apart the necklace, separating the jewels from their clasps and the chain.
Embellished beaded and sequin pumps, pounds 4, Primark; Jewel ring, pounds 9.50, Marks & Spencer; Off-white shift dress with jewelled collar detail, pounds 89, Reiss.