jeweler's loupe

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small magnifying glass (usually set in an eyepiece) used by jewelers and horologists

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A lingering look through a jeweler's loupe is needed to discover the full scope of these functions.
2) Sandi Hammond, owner with her husband, Jamie Peghiny, of Southboro Jewelers, uses a jeweler's loupe to examine a gold chain turned in for cash by a customer.
a magnifying glass or what is called a jeweler's loupe, which is a special magnifying glass that jewelers use to look at diamonds and other precious stones.
If you're a novice, like most of us, there's a new video called ``All That Glitters'' that comes with a booklet and a jeweler's loupe, to help you pick the best diamond for your money.
PHOTO (1 -- 2 -- color) LAPD reserve Officer Max Kerstein, above, uses a jeweler's loupe to check fingerprints that help him identify criminals.