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Synonyms for jettison

Synonyms for jettison

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

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throw as from an airplane

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As the nightcap to Houndstooth's pick-me-up, Jettison stands in stark contrast to the former's bright, open layout.
The company said the jettison motor for NASA's Orion launch abort system fired for 1.
Knowing that the jettison was a commanded jettison and there was nothing wrong with our aircraft, our commanding officer was comfortable with me bringing the aircraft home.
And now that your bird has a different jettison rack, look for new repair procedures in Para 4-87 of TM 9-1090-214-23&P and TM 9-1095-212-23&P.
Although there are some other quick release ballistic vests available in the market - all have cumbersome systems to jettison the vest of the users body, once taken off, it is a very cumbersome process to reassemble the jacket back again due to the various wire systems used in the vests, it takes a lot of training and time for a soldier to put it back again and then also chances are that a normal soldier would not be able to put reassemble it a manner which will ensure a safe jettison in the eventuality of an emergency", said Manish Khandelwal, the Business Manager - Personal Protection, MKU.
Army isn't going to jettison its new combat-brigade structure centered on the Stryker armored vehicle and go back to an old-style, division-based tactical force structure.
An AGM-114 Penguin anti-ship missile completed a successful safe separation jettison testing from an SH2G(A) Super Seasprite helicopter--which is to be the first rotary-wing aircraft to carry two Penguins per sortie.
Mechanical systems that detect and sort out CCA wood use X-rays or lasers to detect the contaminant and then rely on mechanical sorting to jettison the offending pieces.
If teachers would like to enjoy similar self-policing, argues Denis Doyle, they will need to jettison the tactics of industrial-style unionism in favor of organizations more like the medieval guilds.
Scarisbrick and Eamon Duffy, have demonstrated that the medieval services and traditions of the church were still widely appreciated and there was little popular desire to jettison them.
To jettison it as unwanted and superfluous is a radically different act from renouncing it for Christ's sake: one is temerity, the other is self-giving.
The sale of SPC is part of Dial's strategy to fix or jettison underperforming businesses.
The sale of SPC is in line with Dial's strategy to fix or jettison under-performing businesses, according to the company.
With AOL Time Warner preparing to jettison the Warner Bros.
The Pakistan Air Force said the pilot was forced to jettison the tanks to prevent the jet crashing.