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a large jet plane that carries passengers

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This is another endorsement of our company's role as a world-leading engine nacelle supplier, and provides an important addition to our product line, which covers everything from business jets and regional passenger aircraft to the largest jetliners," said Aircelle Chairman and CEO Martin Sion.
Weeks was angered by the fact that someone could write so soon about such tragedy when there aren't really enough definitive information as to why the jetliner really disappeared.
It has also upped its forecast for new jetliner orders by a third to more than 400 this year, after a buying spree by aircraft leasing companies at the recent Farnborough air show.
Other reports said the jetliner exploded after it had landed.
An order from ILFC for the Boeing jetliner has been expected for several months.
The turning point of jetliner cabin design seems, in Clay's mind, to come in 1995 when British Airways introduced the sleeper seats, which were like their own self contained little cabin in first class.
Even at 13,000 feet the TWA jetliner would have been below the so-called "radar horizon" of the Normandy's antenna.
They say they have no idea when the Jetliner is likely to be back in service.
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, schedule for delivery beginning in 2008, provides passengers with a better flying experience and operators with a more efficient commercial jetliner.
plane-maker Boeing launched its 777X jetliner at the event.
The airline said that the order is valued at USD299m, based on the list price for the CRJ1000 NextGen jetliner.
The plane is the world's longest-range commercial jetliner, and Delta will use it to expand across Asia and the Middle East.
MOJAVE - A Northrop Grumman-led team on Wednesday unveiled a jetliner fitted with a prototype laser device that could be used soon to protect passenger jets from terrorist missile attacks.
Stefano Savorani, who tried to hijack a Paris-bound Alitalia jetliner in mid-air was kicked out of the police because of mental problems, said French authorities.