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a large jet plane that carries passengers

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The Styrian Spirit CRJ900 jetliner will be outfitted with 88 seats and equipped with the Enhanced Performance Package (EPP) certificated in May, 2005.
Aircelle (Safran) said it will produce titanium exhaust systems for the new 777X commercial jetliner, marking the nacelle manufacturer's first major supplier win with Boeing (NYSE: BA).
Two fishermen who were fishing near the Malaysia-Thailand border around 1:30 am claim that they saw a jetliner flying low.
A jetliner was being held on the runway at San Francisco's international airport Thursday because of an alleged telephone threat, federal officials said.
Bombardier Aerospace also announced that a prototype of the CRJ1000 NextGen jetliner made a successful inaugural flight on 3 September 2008 from the its facility at Mirabel, Quebec.
Boeing 737 jetliners have one engine under each main wing and are able to fly safely even if one of the engines stops, according to experts.
Built as an extended-range jetliner in 1966, the DC-8 was acquired by NASA from Alitalia Airlines in 1985 and modified.
Boeing has worked with Pegasus since its inception in 1988, supporting its Boeing jetliner fleet, which consists of approximately 250 airplanes, including 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 passenger models, as well as 747-400 and MD-11 Freighters.
A major new program has been awarded to Aircelle (Safran), with the company's selection to supply nacelles for Airbus' latest A330 version - the A330neo (new engine option) jetliner.
Then several minutes after takeoff, the ACARS was turned off just before the jetliner hovered above the east shoreline of the Malaysian Peninsula.
It's not any easier this time,'' said Desiree Ewers of Lancaster, who gave her husband, Gary, a pilot, a final goodbye kiss on the concrete flight line beside the jetliner.
An American Airlines Boeing 767 jetliner crashed near the Kennedy international airport in New York on Monday morning.
It is highly unusual for a huge jetliner to vanish in thin air, but apparently, the baffling disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 wouldn't really be the first mystery of its kind.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 11, 2013-Boeing forecasts record global jetliner production in 2014
A Boeing 767-400ER jetliner has landed in Nairobi for a stop on its world demonstration tour, officials of Kenya Airways said Tuesday.