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fatigue and sleep disturbance resulting from disruption of the body's normal circadian rhythm as a result of jet travel

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For years travelers have been instructed to combat jetlag after they arrive at their destination when in fact the symptoms should be addressed in flight," says Alfred Dilamani, CEO and founder of the Great Neck, N.
When I was 19 years old, there was a jetlag incident where I ended up sleeping for 18 hours
When we got back we had horrendous jetlag but knew we had to get it together for the last two matches as the opposition were breathing down our necks.
Stenson, 19th at the PGA Tour's season-ending event in Florida on Sunday, did not land in Johannesburg until Tuesday and has been battling jetlag.
Guardiola has said his team have had a few issues with jetlag but the gulf in class should make this 90 minutes a complete stroll before the serious business of Sunday's final with Santos.
Murray, who arrived in Bangkok on Monday, admitted after yesterday''s match that he was battling jetlag and still some way from his best form.
Summary: World number two Lee Westwood will have to overcome jetlag and putting problems if he is to mark his 38th birthday Sunday with the Indonesian Masters title.
The Novotel is an ideal stop-over base with a garden pool, spa centre with jetlag massages.
Keen to make his mark quickly on the court, Marcos will arrive in Brisbane by Thursday 31st December, meaning he will overcome his jetlag and adjust to the conditions nicely in advance of the tournament start on Sunday.
I think I might be suffering from jetlag too even though Cyprus is only a couple of hours ahead .
A new study published in the journal of Minerva Cardioangiologica suggests that Pycnogenol pine bark extract from the French maritime pine tree may reduce jetlag by nearly 50%.
Pycnogenol(R) cut jetlag symptoms in half for passengers taking 7- to 9-hour flights
Work could lead to drugs to combat obesity, aging and jetlag
McDowell was making the final leg of his marathon journey from Korea to Miami yesterday and hoping that jetlag would not be too much of a factor come tomorrow's opening round.
I didn't feel too great on the court but after a couple more days of practising and getting used to the conditions and getting over the jetlag, I'll be feeling much better.