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a set of rich and fashionable people who travel widely for pleasure

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I'm a bit of a jet-setter myself, but I'm exhausted just thinking about this itinerary.
The jet-setter once travelled 150,000 miles in a single year when filming the documentary Ultimate Killers but Ireland remains his destination of choice.
Jet-setter Jessica Taylor couldn't believe it when she won pounds 2,000 in the Echo's Bingo competition.
It has meant Kirkby-born Barton becoming a jet-setter as he heads around the world making arrangements for the mega music events.
On a business trip to the Caribbean he meets a rich jet-setter (Steve Martin) who asks him to deliver a package to his sister in New York.
The jet-setter did the filming in the beautiful Hungarian capital Budapest, featuring a number of spectacular palaces and picturesque outdoor locations.
These stowable wheelie cases certainly stand out from the average jet-setter.
He has no time for personal commitments and doesn't have a girlfriend, but then he falls under the spell of a fellow jet-setter.
Jet-setter Denise Moore, pictured topless on holiday with Linker, 45, has moved out of her pounds 3million home.
Cuddly gay jet-setter Steve Macfarlane is performing at the ViewTwo Gallery today (8.
Jet-setter James Collins admitted the past week had taken its toll on the Cardiff players.
JET-SETTER Mike Storey, pictured above, dashed toLondon this week to ``sell'' Liverpool to London investors.
JET-SETTER Z Heather in the Tornado GR4 TAKE-OFF 3 Heather before the flight
Suddenly, two women come into his life - Vera Farmiga as fellow jet-setter and potential love interest Alex Goran.
Former beau Brian O'Driscoll; Millionaire Mark Kershaw travels the world to watch Formula 1 racing - pals say he has become very close to model Glenda; Gorgeous model Glenda, left, says she has heard the rumours linking her with businessman jet-setter Mark Kershaw, right, but insists they are 'friends - that's all'