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Synonyms for jesting

characterized by jokes and good humor

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For years women have been under-represented in the world of comedy, with Jesting About we've discovered six women comedians so hopefully we're getting some balance along the way.
The great thing about Jesting About is seeing a performer for the first time and knowing that they'd work well on the radio.
The Jesting About team took the decision to put the brothers together to write for a radio sketch show.
The brothers, who went to Egglescliffe Comprehensive School, are hoping Jesting About will lead to more work and prove you can be successful in the field without moving to London.
These consequences are also clear in the jesting between Richard and the little princes in the midst of act 3, scene 1.
His possession of a jesting spirit thus has had profound consequences for the possibility of his future happiness.
My investigation reveals that the following oral genres, mainly from the oral literature of the Moose, have been re-injected into the novel: the proverb and the slogan, the tale and the legend, the song and, finally, the jesting alliance and relationship.
In his novel Rouamba inserts proverbs, a few tales and some instances of jesting alliances and relationships.
While Brown readily admits the masculinist mode of jest and its tendency towards antifeminist banter, she finds evidence of the popularity of jesting literature among women at all social levels.
Gossip, Brown contends, could give women "a measure of power as arbiters of behavior" (39); the alehouse, where women (contrary to the view of several historians) had a significant presence as proprietors and patrons, became a place for women "to stage their own brand of comic drama" (76) and for the "cross-fertilization of everyday jesting and theater" (71).
The bibliography is wide-ranging in part because of the 'deliberately broad' nature of Brown's definition of jesting literature, including 'any verbal, gestural, or dramatic form that could be used to spur laughter or ridicule' (3).
Although the author cites comprehensively the scholarship on humor in general and jesting in particular, the introduction and following chapters suggest a lesser command of movements in Renaissance humanism and early modem legal practice.
Yes, I jest--though all of the data I just presented are true--and yes, I needed to point out quickly that I was jesting.
A talent scout for the radio show Jesting About is currently out and about in the region on the look-out for comedians who can pull off a BBC-worthy stand-up routine.
Jesting About is a collaborative project between the BBC and regional agency Northern Film and Media, aimed at giving funny people from the region the opportunity to attend masterclasses, workshops and mentoring sessions in the run up to a string of broadcasting opportunities in 2011.