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Synonyms for jest

Synonyms for jest

an object of amusement or laughter

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

to make jokes; behave playfully

to make fun or make fun of

Synonyms for jest

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To date, 1,300 services have benefited from JEST and of that more than 70 per cent have been women.
This attentiveness to the multidimensionality of the author's work in general and Infinite Jest in particular effectively liberates Burn's Guide from the all-too-narrow focus on irony and the postmodernist heritage that characterize early readings of the novel and continue to inform a significant part of Wallace scholarship, often at the expense of more unorthodox and autonomous perspectives.
For all its youthful exuberance and slapstick comedy, The Broom of the System, with its sprawling treatment of such heterodox themes as language, pop culture, information theory, poststructuralism, and Wittgensteinean philosophy, amply meets Mendelson's definition, while Infinite Jest, a novel that both diagnoses and exemplifies the information overload that is twenty-first century existence, might very well be the genre's most widely read contemporary exemplar.
15) Sebastian's and Antonio's biting puns are only one kind of jest.
Dwi jest yn hapusach yn cael siarad iaith y nefoedd am mod i'n clywed llai ohoni.
US mobile network operator Verizon Wireless and handset manufacturer Pantech yesterday announced the availability of the Pantech Jest feature phone by Person Communications Devices LLC on the Verizon Wireless network.
BUGLYS MALONE bk d Jun 07 Crash Royal Pearl Brett Lee Elusive Rebel Droopys Vieri Lady Lena Gun Law Osti Sobbing Sal Bobinak Secret Bride Top Honcho Droopys Fergie Mustang Jack Sheer Jest
Super Size Me Science is jointly run by Dr Suzanne Higgs of the university's School of Psychology, whose research focuses on eating behaviour, and Redditch-based Jest a minute Theatre Company run by Andy and Jan Higgitt.
Though the challenge had been thrown out in jest, Nathan told his teacher he would consider it.
Brown said he was only speaking in jest when he approached the officer during a night out drinking with friends after final exams and said: "Excuse me, do you realize your horse is gay?
Brown combines a look at phenomena of popular culture with an analysis of an impressive variety of texts, including jest books and drama, coining the term "jesting literature" to encompass the entire field of laughter.
Trouble is, some of the truest comments are made in jest.
Instances of female cleverness or success in jest literature have usually been read either as 'male-authored satire against women's unchaste tongues' (p.
In Antique Valentine, an underrated mechanical music jest that was made on Viola, she proved a capital farceur in a robotic duet with her equally creaky and ardent swain, Patrick Corbin.