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Synonyms for jest

Synonyms for jest

an object of amusement or laughter

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

to make jokes; behave playfully

to make fun or make fun of

Synonyms for jest

References in classic literature ?
You jest wait 'til to-morrow, and you'll see one of the biggest battles ever was.
Well," remarked the youth, "like as not this story'll turn out jest like them others did.
as to the king," said Monk, "fear nothing, my dear Monsieur d'Artagnan; the king will not jest with Monk, I assure you
Was I not right in saying that the danger, if there was any danger, would not come from his majesty, however disposed he may be to jest, but from your companions, as you say?
Oh, my lord," said D'Artagnan, "I know you are a complete man; I know you have been, for a long time placed above human miseries; but there are jests and jests of a certain kind, which have the power of irritating me beyond expression.
Jest an' right - right an' jest," said Troop, with the ghost of a dry smile.
Is it true, what you told me jest now, that you never done a hand's turn o' work in all your born life?
See, Harvey," said Dan, rapping with his fork on the table, "it's jest as I said.
She jest seems to have been born with a sort of chronic spite agin men and Methodists.
He stood beside me, but did not venture to touch me or to speak for a few seconds; then, approaching a little nearer, he dropped on one knee - not in mock humility, but to bring himself nearer my level, and leaning his hand on the arm of the chair, he began in a low voice: 'It is all nonsense, Helen - a jest, a mere nothing - not worth a thought.
Some years he jest travels, week in and week out, and it's always in heathen countries--Egypt and Asia and the Desert of Sarah, you know.
But he don't never seem ter want ter spend no money here--leastways, not for jest livin'.
The 8-meter low floor "ATAK" is a larger version of JEST with a passenger capacity of 60 including standing.
com/about) Jest is a comedy website owned by CH Media, the same company that owns College Humor and Dorkly, which aggregates funny content from around the web and combines it with original videos.
The speech is doubtless an allusion to Richard's hump and puns triply on bear with, 'put up with,' bear, 'carry' and bear, 'an animal'" (13) If humpbacked Richard's dislike of his cousin has not verged on hatred before this punning jest on his deformity, it likely does so after he hears it.