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Synonyms for jerkiness

the quality of being spasmodic and irregular

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The dance should flow, this is a very smooth dance - there should be no jerkiness.
For our OEM customers, that means they can deliver a smooth, crystal-clear image without any skipping or jerkiness.
Jerkiness of the ride (including the frequency of stops and starts),
A follow-up study of a subset of the children reported a number of additional abnormalities including growth impairment, slowness, lack of endurance, hypotonia, jerkiness, clumsy movement, apathy, and IQs averaging around 70 (Harada 1976).
At that speed, the video should be very smooth without any of the horrible, experience-ruining jerkiness of other cameras.
As we into a hover over the landing area, the jerkiness stopped and the aircraft smoothed out.
Visitors to the library obtain a broadcast-like viewing experience without any jerkiness, and the result is that the terminals are continuously busy throughout the time that we are open.
This eliminated any jerkiness in the balance reading caused by changes in the surface tension on the thread at the air-water interface.
But I wonder if you would read this as applying more generally to your verse, because sometimes your iambic pentameter has a kind of irregularity to it, a kind of jerkiness almost.
But if each of the kinesin molecules were actually doing a chiggedy-chiggedy moving along [as some models of kinesin-mediated movement propose], you might expect to see some sort of jerkiness.
Lifts should provide smooth rides, without jerkiness, and be easy to operate.
Genuine 720p high-definition (HD) video: Enjoy a truly clear and smooth video and picture quality without jerkiness.
As long as there is a tug a war between speculators and retail money, the short term volatility, the jerkiness, the cat jumping at shadows -- that will continue I think until it's clear whether or not we have reached the bottom," McNally said.
If motorway driving will be a regular thing then live with the in-town jerkiness because the 71bhp version runs out of puff on the open road.
The downside of a relaxed left leg is a gear-change that'll set your head bobbing on swift changes; I had my passenger complaining of unpleasant jerkiness (the car, not the driver, I hope).