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with spasms

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People also noticed that "Richard" seemed to have the complexion of a Lewis's mannequin, a wig of nylon hair, dead eyes, and he danced jerkily and unnaturally as if Ray Harryhausen was animating him.
Originating in black and white - the episodes would be remade in colour for the BBC in the mid-'70s - the jerkily animated cartoon told of a plucky little locomotive with a mind of its own, a whistle for a mouth and a burning desire to sing in a male voice choir.
Onscreen, her creations jerkily interact with each other and with human characters, portrayed almost exclusively by the artist herself.
He misjudged one aerial ball so badly he jumped jerkily and landed and had time to leap again before the cross arrived.
Abnormal coordination can be expressed in the form of abnormal muscle synergies and results in limited and stereotypic movement patterns, which are jerkily, fatiguing, and of limited purpose.
Around midday on 25 August 2016 -- a mild, dry, late-winter day with a temperature range of 2.9-26.6[degrees]C--a White-banded Jumping Spider Hypoblemutn albovittatum was noticed jerkily moving around on a concrete tree-ring around the base of a small Bougainvillea bush in the author's back garden.
(Gabriel Hainer Evansohn's sets are marvels of manicured kitsch.) As MwE shifts jerkily between autopilot charm and rebellion against Ruby, her manager (and creator), you may feel you've stumbled into an enjoyably hokey remake of Valley of the Dolls.
Watching the esteemed leader's head turning jerkily, like an old electric fan, from teleprompter to teleprompter, I almost felt pity.
If the final position is reached, the voltage is switched off and the gripper goes back to the starting position jerkily without moving the screw.
Its gears grind, its head oscillates jerkily from side to side, its arms flap, its round mouth opens and closes.
The words come out jerkily, and there is something queer about the look of him.
Fernanda flew into a rage, and the parrot moved jerkily along his perch.
To an outside observer, we would seem to move jerkily through time, moving irrationally from ultra-fast-forward to ultra-slow-mo and back again as we quite literally rode the gravitational waves.
The other works are He Searches for the Contrary of Saved, in which a voice narrates stage directions for actors rehearsing Beckett's Waiting for Godot, and scenes appear jerkily on the screen, and Kodak's Wrattan Filters System, a set of seven images of overlapping coloured filters, representing the history of photography.
kept on quivering jerkily over the quivering ground, until one shed one's spurs, for there needed no spurs, threw away the reins, for there needed no reins, and hardly saw that the land before one was smoothly shorn heath when horse's neck and head would be already gone."