jerk off

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get sexual gratification through self-stimulation

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While I don't support derogatory comments made to anyone - and I actually applaud the guy for knocking this jerk off his bar stool - it makes me wonder: If the situation were reversed and it had been a Clinton supporter who made such comments, would that story be published?
Westmeath users take a more hands-on approach with the most searched term being JOI - which stands for Jerk Off Instructions.
Executive producer and writer] Alec Berg overheard another writer talking about being in some discussion and saying, "No, you can jerk off four guys if you put their dicks tip to tip.
Basically it's statistically impossible to find happiness," Ansari said, "and we should all just jerk off and go to bed.
Also vetoed are jerk off, sh*t head and pubic before saucy motorists could grab SH12 HED, JE12 KOF and anything starting PU61 C.