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Lady Tippins and Jenny Wren wield no such overtly coercive power in Our Mutual Friend.
Or consider Jenny Wren's creating costumes and lives for her dolls or the use of citations in Jude the Obscure (McKee notes that "like colportage, citation moves into spaces that are interrupted and extended" [107]).
Its most popular strips included Nurse Nancy, who ran a toy hospital with her grandad, Jenny Wren who enjoyed dressing up, and Polly's Magic Paintbox, in which Polly's paintings came to life.
Riah, who is friendly and helpful to Lizzie Hexam and Jenny Wren. I admit that I find this personage almost too altruistic to be true, but it says something for Dickens, surely, that he would take someone who had the same occupation as the infamous Shylock, but none of Shylock's vices, and insert him at the heart of business, at a time when vulgar prejudice was easy to stir up.
Our view from the Jenny Wren suite looked out over the fields that lead down to the cove, and a mile away, the cliffs that curve down to the beach.
Our view from the Jenny Wren suite looked out over fields lead down to the cove, and a mile away, the cliffs that curve down to the beach.
There's Blackbird (on The Beatles' The White Album), Bluebird (on Wings album Band On The Run) and Jenny Wren (on solo album Chaos And Creation In The Backyard.)," he said.
The gaff cutter Jenny Wren, launched in the 1890s and probably the oldest yacht in Australia still racing (albeit occasionally), won her division of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Anniversary Regatta.
Then McCartney leaped forward more than 35 years with "Jenny Wren," the second single off "Chaos and Creation." It's a beautiful little song.
Mutable Mermaid: Jenny Wren as Commodity Siren in Our Mutual Friend.
It looked as though he would win when a little jenny wren flew up just a little bit higher from his back ..." The audience laughs indulgently.
"She will not now be able to make that journey." With tears in his eyes, he said: "Jenny Wren, Jennifer Louise, my little summer breeze, is no longer with us.
Jenny Wren is a minuscule wee bird, relatively unobtrusive, generally quite shy and very evidently not openly assertive.
Personal names were also applied to plants (sweet william and ragged robin); cold weather (Jack Frost); cuddy for horse (Cuthbert); nanny goat (Agnes or Ann); billy goat: Jenny wren; guillemot, a French pet
Book in for your free footprint tile for babies up to six weeks old at Jenny Wren's