jelly doughnut

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a raised doughnut filled with jelly or jam

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Then take grass-fed beef - it is a satisfying and nutrients-rich (iron, zinc, and B vitamins) high quality protein but packs a lot more calories than the jelly doughnut we talked about earlier.
In Berlin, a jelly doughnut is not called a Berliner.
Maybe Grandma Dunn knew what I was up against and loved me unconditionally, whether I looked like Apollo or a great big jelly doughnut.
Ours may be the only culture in which a significant number of people think they're nourishing them selves with fruit and fiber when they eat a jelly doughnut. Given such a mindset, it's not surprising that a lot of us are not svelte.
American Running Association Board Member, Lewis Maharam, M.D., suggests the analogy of a jelly doughnut for these structures.
But these pieces are swamped by items like "Great Legs!--Your Surest Route to Short Skirt Confidence," "Why Claudia Schiller isn't the Next Bardot," and "Quick and Sexy Beauty Dares," making substance in this magazine seem like a side order of spinach at a jelly doughnut buffet.
A lot of people would also know his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech which has been erroneously translated as "I am a jelly doughnut" due to the use of "ein".
But he concluded that food impulses are more challenging than sexual impulses because you'll never meet a jelly doughnut that isn't in the mood.
"The nebula is not like a bagel, but rather, it's like a jelly doughnut, because it's filled with material in the middle," said C.
They say good things come in small packages, but Pupa has managed to squeeze your whole makeup drawer into a compact the size of a jelly doughnut! Pupa's Cuore Reflex collection (Cuore means "heart" in Italian) has lip glosses, pearly eye shadows, a blusher, all-over highlighting cream, mascara, eyeliner and applicator.
Oetker of Bielefeld entered the frozen mini-pastry market in 1996 with a small Berliner (jelly doughnut) and found it so successful that last year it brought out four new mini-pastries: MiniApfeltaschen, Mini-Krapfen and Mini-Spritzkuchen, plus a frosted dough concoction that is called a Mini-Amerikaner.
There are over 100 options, from Jelly Doughnut fruit and nut mix to Twist of Black Pepper popcorn, to ( choose from .
When JFK said "Ich bin ein Berliner" nobody thought he said, "I am a jelly doughnut".
The program will include filling and glazing a jelly doughnut, designing your own Hanukkah bracelet, live music and lots of hot latkes (potato pancakes), doughnuts, chocolate gelt and dreidels.