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sugar-glazed jellied candy


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-- Creating recipes is a long-held tradition among Jelly Belly enthusiasts, who thoughtfully combine flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans to make an entirely new flavor.
Insert pretzel sticks into the holes for the arms and legs and an orange jelly bean for the nose.
Referring to Diagram I, position A on B as shown and fuse in place to make jelly bean. Repeat to make 30 total jelly beans.
Sony Xperia L ends life cycle on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with build version 15.3.A.1.17.
Nordic confectionary company Cloetta AB (STO:CLAB) on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Aran Candy Ltd and the brand 'The Jelly Bean Factory', an Irish company producing and selling gourmet Jelly Beans worldwide, from the founders of The Jelly Bean Factory.
The Jelly Bean Factory made sales of some SEK100m last year with UK as core market and USA, Canada, Middle East, Ireland and Germany being other important markets.
TASTY: Owner of Quay Confectionery Ray Mitchell with the Beatles jelly bean picture
The company announced that the Xperia S was among the Sony smartphones to receive the Jelly Bean upgrade.
Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is now set to adapt to the service by T-Mobile & Virgin.
Jelly Bean, launched during the annual developers' event known as Google I/O, offers Arabic as one of the User-Interface (UI) languages and also offers system Apps have been localized and support Arabic fonts.
TELLY presenter Ben Fogle went to see the Queen with an orange jelly bean lodged in his throat after a boozy party prank went wrong.
Star who conquered the Atlantic, South Pole and Sahara downed by sweet ADVENTURER Ben Fogle met the Queen last night with a jelly bean still lodged in his throat after a drunken party prank the day before.
DisplayThe best way to show off your jelly bean selection is with a display unit that allows for both bulk sales and packaged.
Because counting "one jelly bean, two jelly bean, three jelly bean ..." is a lot more fun than just counting the seconds you are holding your breath.