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Synonyms for jelled

congealed into jelly

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A consensus jelled that, as The Times wrote, "Harding fitted into the complex situation better than any of the candidates." At 2 a.m.--not 2:11--the group sent for the Ohioan and asked him if there were any personal factors that would disqualify him.
During the 1980s, at the height of 1960s-bashing, the media stereotype jelled. Boomers - and we're all alike, of course - were overindulged as children, which led us to become hopelessly self-absorbed and self-centered.
Inigo added, 'Maybe we can help when it comes to chemistry because the team, it still hasn't jelled enough.
But it wasn't until her junior year that everything jelled. It happened in an optional course called Composers and Choreographers, taught by Elizabeth Keen and Pia Gilbert.