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a loose cloak with a hood

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Khartoum blamed the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium policies of isolation, mistrust and bitterness of Southerners against the Jellaba's ancestral involvement in the slave trade.
Lam Akol's Book "SPLM/SPLA: Inside an African Revolution" had captured succinctly the machinations and hegemonies of governments of the Jellaba of Sudan but also the problems of Southern leaders (e.g., unity, federalism, armed forces, Jonglei canal, oil fields, land tenure, tribalism, the price of dishonoring peace agreements, regimes collapses, prospects for political settlements and multi-party politics).
It was so poorly executed and enforced that many Islamic jellaba remained, as did much of the Muslim civil service.
The couple's original intention was to renew their vows this year while on holiday in Marrakesh, Morocco, where Beckham was pictured disguised in a jellaba - a traditional long white gown and headscarf that covered all but his eyes.
The man in the jellaba at left has a downcast expression, the fellow with his hand in his pocket also looks down, while the man at right uses a gesture that is often associated with frustration--a hand to the head.
He turned up to the star-studded do in a jellaba - a hooded cotton robe often worn by north Africans.
After checking in I donned a hooded, robe-like jellaba and headed up into the valley on a trail behind the ancient kasbah.
A man in a dark jellaba sits across from me with a hood over his head.
Standing between Fetouaki's stall and the cafe, they engaged in a cacophony of slogans condemning "terrorism" while a group of children in white Jellaba robes recited Quranic verses from long wooden boards.
But northerners, including people from the Nuba Mountains and southern Blue Nile, also joined the SPLM/SPLA which claimed to be defending the whole of rural Sudan against the "onslaught of the Jellaba" (Suliman, 1993:108).
She wears a jellaba for most of the film; her French is shaky, which is a true indication of social class in Morocco--she was only able to get a job in a call centre that ended up dismissing her.
With a team of over 30 artisans, she developed a ready to wear line of both Jellaba and Kaftan that she later exposed in her boutique in downtown Casablanca.
They were married in a civil and a Muslim service, where my grandparents exchanged gifts to symbolise the union of our families: a kilt and a jellaba.
He is wearing a jellaba and looks into the distance with a guarded expression.