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surgical creation of an opening between the jejunum and the anterior abdominal wall

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Jejunostomy and jejunocloacal anastomosis in macaws.
Reconstruction by pancreaticojejynostomy versus pancreatico jejunostomy following pancreatectomy; result of comparative study.
Our MICU admitted a woman with massive aspiration pneumonia that had occurred during operative jejunostomy for feeding tube placement.
Actuated Medical's occlusion clearing systems use mechanical motion to restore patency of tubes in the patient for clearing clogged nasoenteral, gastrostomy, nasogastric, and jejunostomy feeding and decompression tubes.
Bowel resection and jejunostomy were required to correct the intestinal stenosis, with concomitant administration of parenteral nutrition and antibiotic therapy.
Severe hypothyroidism in patients dependent on prolonged thyroxine infusion through a jejunostomy.
Gilbert explained, "We operate a pediatric care center in Groton that helps people with gastronomy tubes (inserted through the abdomen that delivers nutrition directly to the stomach) and J tubes (a feeding jejunostomy tube inserted through the abdomen and into the jejunum -- the second part of the small bowel) who have a cognitive age below 18 months.
A tracheostomy was started initially, followed by gastrostomy and jejunostomy.
She covers general principles, the differences between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pain management, drugs and specific medical conditions, calculations for working out dosages, and various types of drug administration: oral, injections, rectal and vaginal, topical, inhalation medications and nebulizers, intravenous infusions, percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy and percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy.
Various routes of enteral feeding like oral, NJ tube feeding, percutaneous transperitoneal jejunostomy, percutaneous transperitoneal gastrostomy are described in the literature.
According to his medical report, he underwent "partial gastrectomy, with gastrojejunostomy and jejunostomy.
e pyloromyotomy , pyloroplasty, partial or complete pylorectomy (Billroth 1) Slatter (2003), pyloroduodenotomy ,Fredet-Ramstedt pyloromyotomy, antrectomy with gastroduodenostomy or gastro- jejunostomy, Heineke-Mikulicz type pyloroplasty.
Ascaris exit through the feeding jejunostomy tract: a rare case report.
She has also had more surgery this year to fit a jejunostomy tube to feed her directly into her stomach.