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in an immature manner


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The designation of Washington Street goes back to a jejunely patriotic America in which it was frequent for a central plat to be distinguished by the names of the U.S.
The foolish man, however, with no discernment, serves God with the external observances of his limbs only, jejunely nourished by ignorance and superficiality.
Finnegan labels nostalgia a "banned substance for this book." Yet he himself exhibits a problematic longing for the "jejunely unclouded" days before what he terms this "fierce constriction."
To be sure, Gomez-Pena is not interested in merely amalgamating different sociocultural practices out of some sort of jejunely liberal idea that U.S./Hispanic/Chicano/Latino/Mexican conflicts will be resolved by an updated version of a renewed melting-pot homogenization.
In what the Times jejunely called the race toward democracy and the free market," democracy" will be reshaped into a mere rhetorical function serving to legitimize policies of austerity.