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Synonyms for jeeringly

in a disrespectful jeering manner

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But, surprise surprise, the easiest and most direct way to decimate a man is to just jeeringly call him a girl.
'Today, you are offering namaaz (prayer), tomorrow you will build a mosque here,' they said jeeringly.
It was a first for the area jeeringly known as "across the bridge," and its success led to a wildly popular sophomore effort, bar No.
'Always a proud day when they come of age,' Shere Khan says jeeringly. The embers from Mowgli's firestick then set the jungle aflame.
The show highlighted the temporal, physical, and symbolic proximity of these two midcentury witch hunts, during which "Communist" and "homosexual" were jeeringly whispered in the same malevolent breath by feckless demagogues toeing the McCarthy line.
Once identified these men were to be "progressively transferred out of the military camp, to a separate tent camp, jeeringly referred to as 'Zombieville'" (Ibid: 54; also see Roy 1975-76: 56).
Referring to the statements and social media posts of the accused, the court observed that they were not only insulting, but jeeringly taunting and provocative in nature.
These endeavors proved to be interrelated for the newly installed junta--, as the regime took control of the various industries that had been previously nationalized under the socialist government of Salvador Allende, it effectively outlawed debate, discussion, and dissent, which were jeeringly referred to as "politics." The new Chile would be characterized by unity, order, economic and technological progress, culture, morality, and civility.
The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul.
Without the mass pressure, that surged into the streets of colonial cities and made its impact felt even in remote corners of the bush, the educated elite would have remained upon the sidelines everyday of life, genially teased and tolerated by colonial officials of a liberal sort, or else jeeringly ignored and pushed aside by officials of another kind.
"Why don't you speak?" he says, bending over me jeeringly, and taking his light rattan stick he jabs a hole in my side.
Absurdly lumping together all the nonrational, non-logical elements, and describing them as the "state of the judge's digestion," these scholars often jeeringly speak of "gastronomical jurisprudence." Under the heading of gastronomical ailments, one cannot subsume all the irrationalities of judges.
Chet Edwards, D-Waco, jeeringly offered to pay for a town hall featuring the two Democrats, just to get them on stage together.
The sea jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul.
In 1884, the premiere of the "Brass Bride" - as the public jeeringly nicknamed the work (from the German word das Messing, brass) - was a complete flop.