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Synonyms for jeering

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for jeering

showing your contempt by derision

abusing vocally

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That is to say, it is commonly presumed that the crowd's cheering and jeering offers social support to their team and that such behavior actually affects specific skills of individual athletes in ways that produce differential outcomes for the teams (cf.
OVER EMOTIONAL: Becks is held back from climbing the hoarding NUMBER'S UP: Beckham confronts jeering fans, one of whom, right, had to be restrained
After doing so, he turned and shrugged his shoulders in the direction of those who had been jeering him.
One reader wrote, "I am Tunisian and I would like to point out that you are making a big deal over a jeering incident whereas in our countries we are used to such incidents where the anthem of the opposite team always gets jeered, even if the match was between two neighboring nations as the case is between Tunisia and Algeria or between Morocco and Algeria for example.
We have got a lot of young lads and they need help, not booing and jeering.
Protesters jeering outside the Finsbur y Park mosque yesterday
All Satan's hords are now jeering anew: "Crucify Him
If only the old National Gallery itself, recognized as a failure from the day it was built, had been demolished and the whole thing conveyed to Mr Ahrends for replacement; or perhaps to the architect, whoever he was, of the Orange Street extension at the back of it, once a fine piece of work but no doubt the subject of much jeering in the architectural salons of Philadelphia.
Informed that the older gentleman was the Lakers owner, Sixers fans who moments before had been jeering Matich and his friend watched silently.
As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, they started hooting and jeering.
Artists, many of whom campaigned for the repeal, now have state sanction to grace clients' skin with flaming phoenixes, jeering skulls, or anything else.
During Hashimoto's address, about 10 young adults in one corner of the venue started jeering, ''Daijiro, you are too noisy.
Reading's fans turned up to cheer their side on after their midweek cup giant-killing over Leeds - and ended up jeering as they got a right Royal roasting.
A JEERING X Factor crowd demanded the reinstatement of Cheryl Cole yesterday - and mercilessly booed her novice replacement.
Jonathan Purcer, prosecuting, said police found 100 Villa fans gesturing and jeering towards Blues fans who were entering the Aston Villa ground on Sunday, October 31 at 11.