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Synonyms for jeering

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for jeering

showing your contempt by derision

abusing vocally

References in classic literature ?
But the girl never replied to the jeering of the blacks.
All the life about him - the odors of stale vegetables and soapsuds, the slatternly form of his sister, and the jeering face of Mr.
Jeering at the White Logic, I go out to join my guests at table, and with assumed seriousness to discuss the current magazines and the silly doings of the world's day, whipping every trick and ruse of controversy through all the paces of paradox and persiflage.
Suddenly they heard a shout of jeering laughter, and stopped short.
Yer know, Work'us,' continued Noah, emboldened by Oliver's silence, and speaking in a jeering tone of affected pity: of all tones the most annoying: 'Yer know, Work'us, it can't be helped now; and of course yer couldn't help it then; and I am very sorry for it; and I'm sure we all are, and pity yer very much.
After Mr Reckless was cut short by a jeering crowd, Labour candidate Naushabah Khan asked him: "Where would you stop, Mark?
People were booing and jeering, the place was in an absolute uproar as almost 12,000 people realisedClapton wasn't coming back.
BLUEBIRDS fans have hit back at Craig Bellamy after the Cardiff City superstar lashed out at them for jeering during the desperately needed 2-1 home triumph over Norwich.
TWO men, 25 and 30, admitted insulting President Demetris Christofias by jeering at him and shouting 'Christofias (you are a) coward' on Thursday night in Paralimni outside the premises of the Association of Panathnaikos Fans.
Joseph O'Brien had the crowd jeering when he raced alone round the wide outside on Imperial Monarch, but jeers changed to cheers when he won.
As he left the field at half-time, the former England captain was held back as he attempted to leap over a barrier to remonstrate with a section of the crowd who had been jeering him.
The former England captain attempted to jump over a barrier as he left the field at halftime to remonstrate with a section of the crowd that had been jeering him.
JIM GOODWIN paved the way to a 2-0 win over Scunthorpewith his first Town goal then told jeering visiting fans: "You spurred me on.
The North African jeering at the national anthem caused widespread protestations among the French who took offense.
But Schools Secretary Ed Balls insisted there was "still a lot to play for" and - in a message directed squarely at former Cabinet Minister Charles Clarke - urged fellow Labour MPs to stick together and "stop jeering at the manager".