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Synonyms for jeering

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for jeering

showing your contempt by derision

abusing vocally

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However, less is known about how particular audience behaviors, like cheering or jeering, influence athletes' actual performance.
In the 65th minute, he helped set up an LA Galaxy goal, after which he turned and shrugged in the direction of the jeering section of the crowd.
"But I was already geared up to have a big game against them, and the jeering just motivated me even more.
One reader wrote, "I am Tunisian and I would like to point out that you are making a big deal over a jeering incident whereas in our countries we are used to such incidents where the anthem of the opposite team always gets jeered, even if the match was between two neighboring nations as the case is between Tunisia and Algeria or between Morocco and Algeria for example.
STEVE BRUCE was "saddened" to hear Birmingham fans jeering their own side in this afternoon's 1-0 Coca-Cola Championship victory over Stoke.
Protesters jeering outside the Finsbur y Park mosque yesterday
All Satan's hords are now jeering anew: "Crucify Him!"
Police complained that even children and OAPs have been pointing and jeering at them as they cruise the west London gardens in the electric buggy, Police Review magazine reported.
The normal scenario sees England followers jeering to try and drown out the opposition's anthem - and Eriksson finds that distasteful.
If only the old National Gallery itself, recognized as a failure from the day it was built, had been demolished and the whole thing conveyed to Mr Ahrends for replacement; or perhaps to the architect, whoever he was, of the Orange Street extension at the back of it, once a fine piece of work but no doubt the subject of much jeering in the architectural salons of Philadelphia.
As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, they started hooting and jeering. One shouted: "Liar!"
Artists, many of whom campaigned for the repeal, now have state sanction to grace clients' skin with flaming phoenixes, jeering skulls, or anything else.
During Hashimoto's address, about 10 young adults in one corner of the venue started jeering, ''Daijiro, you are too noisy.
"People were booing and jeering, the place was in an absolute uproar as almost 12,000 people realisedClapton wasn't coming back.
So I think we know exactly where that leaves George Osborne, who was greeted by the booing and jeering of 80,000 people when he appeared at the Olympic Stadium to present medals on Monday night.