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Synonyms for jeerer

someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision

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60) that starts with revelry involving Newman, two jeerers, and two wenches.
Just as it does with Jeerer Lester, Joe's lack of husbandry for the environment mirrors his shortcomings as a husband and father, although his new relationship with Gary provides hope of rehabilitation.
En route to Ben's tacky trailer residence, Jeerer picks up a 35-year-old, overly tattooed girl, Salyer (Jenny Bacon), with whom he soon becomes physically involved.
like Bubba or Lester or Jeerer, hard-bitten, rough-knuckled, the kind of
In Wolf Whistle, there is a courtroom dialogue between Runt Conroy, who tries to smuggle his parrot into the room where the threat of racial violence literally hangs in the air, and Jeerer Skeeter, a local policeman who is supposed to keep the peace during the murder trial.
In response to Stellio's fear of their relationship becoming public, Aeonia rhetorically asks, "What should 1 be to the jeerers?" (p.
Leading the jeerers is Seoul-based Samsung which released a mock-up ( ad material for its Galaxy Note 3 showing a straight and bent smartphone with the line "Bend to those who are worthy."