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Synonyms for jeer

Synonyms for jeer

to make fun or make fun of

an instance of mockery or derision

Synonyms for jeer

showing your contempt by derision

laugh at with contempt and derision

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Warner took a few jeers as he walked out to bat before the holders eased to victory after bowling out the opposition for 207 in 38 overs.
In the keenly contested Jeer Tabaa Farkh (Car) event, Sultan Rashid Al Mansouri's 'Lahoub' clinched first place in a time of 19.152 seconds.
There are examples of players whose form has improved dramatically when the jeers have turned to cheers.
The present experiment investigated the effects of differential audience behavior (cheers, jeers, silence) on individual golf, baseball, and basketball players' performance of a particular sport-specific skill.
One reader wrote, "I am Tunisian and I would like to point out that you are making a big deal over a jeering incident whereas in our countries we are used to such incidents where the anthem of the opposite team always gets jeered, even if the match was between two neighboring nations as the case is between Tunisia and Algeria or between Morocco and Algeria for example.
F3-K entries clocked the fastest times in all three disciplines (Trophy, Car and Cash) of the Jeer Shaheen Farkh event in the Sheikhs category to kick-off the 2017-18 Fazza Heritage Championships in the new year.
Jeer though has probably not reached the bottom of the tank yet and with Ryan Moore on top can shrug off the extra 6lb he has to contend with this time.
SIR - It was very disheartening to watch on TV many of the estimated 35,000 fans in the Cardiff arena jeer, whistle and boo the American National Anthem before the fight between Joe Calzaghe and Peter Manfredo.
So they have every right to jeer if they are not happy.
OH jeer, Cheryl Cole's second day on US X Factor did not go down well as she was booed for criticising acts.
FANS of US rockers My Chemical Romance were warned not to jeer at Girls Aloud or they would be kicked out of the audience of a late night music show.
The New York Post's headline was 'Soccer Fans Boo Pontiff', while USA Today stated: 'Scottish Soccer Fans Jeer During Tribute to Pope.'
The Hibs boss was left raging after his own fans jeered his decision to substitute Scott Allan on the hour.
Muturi went ahead to say amid jeers that Mukami was behind the project and not Wambugu and continue to make other allegations including insulting the area MP making things even worse.
Coutinho again found himself at the centre of jeers from unhappy supporters in the first half of Brazil's Copa America opener against Bolivia.