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Synonyms for jean

(usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear

a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric

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There's an obscenely sacrilegious sex rite with enslaved naked nuns and a premature burial that almost kills poor Jean (and he's not even the one being buried).
The tax adviser explains to Ellen and Jean that if X does not elect S status, its losses would produce no current tax savings but, instead, would carry forward for use against future income recognized by X in regular C status years.
Jean, you've only recently come to play in Beauty Pill.
After getting to know a little about Jean, her individual dimensions, and her reasons for entering counseling, the counselor ended the first session by asking Jean to complete a Biographical Information form (Lofquist & Dawis, 1991) first and then the Minnesota Importance Questionnaire (Rounds et al.
But Jean found a quick solution--a commercially zoned building with an apartment upstairs right in the neighborhood.
Jean Causse was born February 6, 1910, in Servian, France, where he grew up.
Jean Toomer's grudging acceptance of a colleague's praise for the portrayal of the black South in Cane, his seminal work, fairly characterizes the writer's attitude toward race in America.
By examining imagery intended to present analogies between the secular and the divine, Randall finds a desire for resemblance in all the writers studied, and, paradoxically, that it is Jean Molinet who appears most skeptical of the powers of analogical representation, although Rabelais in the Quart livre comes close.
This business paid the salaries, but Jean was also one of the foremost lighting directors in the country.
Today, as an important recognition is conferred on Jean Vanier and the Community of L'Arche, let us thank the Lord for inspiring and fostering in his Church concrete signs of hope which show how it is possible to live the Gospel Beatitudes in everyday life, even in situations that are sometimes complex and difficult.
On the most obvious level, of course, performing as Polly Jean represents a return of some kind (it's her real name, after all).
Rusch's A Jean Toomer Reader: Selected Unpublished Writings significantly enlarges our understanding of a major figure in American letters.
But before Jean could say anything her family decided to go back to the ground.
Throughout January, The Blues Jean Bar Will Offer a Discount to All Who Donate Jeans at Five of Its Stores--Locations Include Santa Monica, San Jose & San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado
Jean was a self-employed carpenter and also worked for many years for the Fitchburg Parks Department and as a school custodian.