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Synonyms for jean

(usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear

a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric

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He took a farm a few miles from Dumfries, and although since he had been parted from his Jean he had forgotten her time and again and made love to many another, he and she were now married, this time in good truth.
There was something of naive, odious, and inane simplicity about that unfrequented tiny crumb of earth named after Jean Jacques Rousseau.
This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.
While visiting Uncle George during his final illness, Jean made the mistake of falling in love with a woman.
In some kind of eternally overcast Europe where the 18th and 21st centuries co-exist, Jean is suffering from horrendous dreams of being menaced by thick, grinning bald guys with straitjackets, and hauled off to the loony bin.
If Ellen and Jean elect S status for X, corporate losses would pass through to their personal returns.
The counselor also clarified obstacles that Jean faced in developing a suitable postretirement environment.
After a bit of soul-searching, Jean took another approach.
Jean Causse was born February 6, 1910, in Servian, France, where he grew up.
Jean Toomer's grudging acceptance of a colleague's praise for the portrayal of the black South in Cane, his seminal work, fairly characterizes the writer's attitude toward race in America.
By examining imagery intended to present analogies between the secular and the divine, Randall finds a desire for resemblance in all the writers studied, and, paradoxically, that it is Jean Molinet who appears most skeptical of the powers of analogical representation, although Rabelais in the Quart livre comes close.
This business paid the salaries, but Jean was also one of the foremost lighting directors in the country.
On the most obvious level, of course, performing as Polly Jean represents a return of some kind (it's her real name, after all).
The materials of section 1 of A Jean Toomer Reader provide insight into Toomer's mood and outlook shortly before the publication of Cane (1923).
Throughout January, The Blues Jean Bar Will Offer a Discount to All Who Donate Jeans at Five of Its Stores--Locations Include Santa Monica, San Jose & San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado