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with jealousy

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she jealously panted, with her hot face to the pillow that night, on hearing one of the other girls sigh his name in her sleep.
Those strangely clad warriors seemed to him now to be looking down upon his discomfiture with a satanic smile, mocking the pygmy who had dared to raise his hand against one so jealously guarded.
She was willing enough to join with us at play in the day-time, but the secret of her abiding-place she guarded jealously.
He jealously guarded the margin he had gained, for he knew there were difficult stretches to come.
For always I had loved her, always there had been that jealously locked little chamber in my life.
In the first place he would know that he meant Meriem no harm, and after that, though jealously wrenched his heart, he would watch over the man Meriem loved, for Meriem's sake; but God help that man if he thought to wrong her!
The evident alarm the savages betrayed filled me with forebodings of evil, and with an uncontrollable desire to penetrate the secret so jealously guarded Despite the efforts of Marheyo and Kory-Kory to restrain me, I forced my way into the midst of the circle, and just caught a glimpse of three human heads, which others of the party were hurriedly enveloping in the coverings from which they had been taken.
I like to look at statues, however, and I like to look at pictures, also --even of monks looking up in sacred ecstacy, and monks looking down in meditation, and monks skirmishing for something to eat--and therefore I drop ill nature to thank the papal government for so jealously guarding and so industriously gathering up these things; and for permitting me, a stranger and not an entirely friendly one, to roam at will and unmolested among them, charging me nothing, and only requiring that I shall behave myself simply as well as I ought to behave in any other man's house.
genius, or only a very distinguished talent, the gift which Amiel nursed so jealously did come into evidence.
In that time, he's jealously guarded the status of NH's prez primary as well as his reputation for jealously guarding said status.
ISLAMABAD -- The sanctity of the Constitution demands that we not only act upon it in letter and spirit and jealously safeguard it but also to punish those treasonous elements that have abrogated and subverted this foundational document of the state, the basic social contract between the state and citizen and the glue that binds its federating units.
Everybody has a Plan Cert 12A ARAGORN from The Lord of the Rings (Viggo Mortensen) plays two brothers in this coldly atmospheric Argentinian tale of sexual jealously and kidnap.
Instead of jealously hoarding artworKs in storage units or in council properties that are not normally accessible to the public, the council should bring them out, dust them off, and MAKE them available for everyone who lives in this city to enjoy.
Ramy chimed in sharing that jealously should not either be intense or non-existent, for in any relationship there should be some degree of jealousy.
Jealously defended and often fought over, these settlements are now our towns and cities.