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wander aimlessly in search of pleasure

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Head of events Mick Emerson said: "This year we have increased the number of top-quality artists from around the world to create an interesting international mix ranging from Israel to the Caribbean and from cathedral choirs to blues and the hottest jazz around."
Having performed in almost anything to do with jazz around the island, Fenwick will put down some jazz roots with the opening of her own jazz club.
The resulting, more intimate space has proved to be a cool venue for hot summer music and should be a good place to showcase Salloom's music, which is a blend of folk and blues with a little jazz around the edges.
Brecon also provides a broad array of the best British jazz around, and the big names next weekend include Abram Wilson and his Delta Blues Project, the Gwilym Simcock Trio, Dame Cleo and Sir John, Don Weller and his Big Band, singers Clare Teal and Anita Wardell, Courtney Pine paying tribute to Sidney Bechet, and the Neil Cowley Trio.
This is always an enormous event with lots of free jazz around the city centre.
YOU can find the A-Z of jazz around the walls of Steve Voce's favourite room.
It seems hopelessly frivolous to be singing the praises of George and Al when there is such a lot of excellent heavyweight jazz around, but the light and nostalgic step of Benson's Breezin' with Jarreau adding lyrics just brings a smile to the face - very welcome as the shopping arcades ring to the sound of the same old dreadful Christmas songs.
ON TOP FORM: George Huxley duetted with Seuffert; GERMAN STAR: Clarinettist Matthias Seuffert guested with the George Huxley band at the Old Silhillians' Club in Knowle for some of the most enjoyable jazz around, particularly in his duets with the leader
Listening to Israeli saxophonist Gilad Atzmon at the CBSO Centre last weekend play impassioned music against the unholy trinity he most despises (Bush, Blair and Sharon), I was reminded that there's not much protest jazz around these days.
"She has also had a lot of help and support from people including the Allesley School of Dance, which enabled Michaela to fit in her ballet, tap and jazz around her gymnastics."